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14 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Anambra State

1. Anambra State Is located in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. The State shares common Boundaries with Delta state to the west; Imo and Rivers State to the south; Enugu State to the east, and Kogi State to the north.

2. Anambra State was created in 1976 from the former East Central State, and its capital was Enugu.

3. In 1991, a re-organization divided Anambra into two states, Anambra and Enugu; Awka became the new capital for the new Anambra.

4. The name Anambra is the anglicized version of the Ọmambala river name, which flows through the state. The name was altered because the colonialists could not perfectly pronounce the name of the river.

5. She is the eighth-most populous state in Nigeria, despite being the second smallest in area.

6. Since the 9th century AD, Anambra has been the home of several civilizations. This includes the ancient Kingdom of Nri, whose capital was the historic town of Igbo-Ukwu within the state.

7. With an annual population growth rate of 2.21 percent per annum; Anambra State has over 60% of its people living in urban areas. It is one of the most urbanized states in Nigeria.

8. The major urban areas of Anambra State are Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka.

Ogbunike cave

9. UNESCO has recognized Ogbunike Caves as a World Heritage Site. It is also one of Anambra State’s most popular tourist destinations.

10. Anambra State consists of twenty-one (21) Local Government Areas.

11. Anambra is rich in natural gas, crude oil, bauxite, and ceramic. It has almost 100 percent arable soil.

12. The state has the lowest poverty rate in Nigeria.

13. Despite been virtually unexplored, the Owerre Ezukala caves and waterfalls remains a great tourist attraction in the State. The caves are also regarded as the largest in West Africa.

Owerre Ezukala

14. Onugbu soup is a famous dish from the state.

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