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A-Z Igbo names for the Girl child and their meaning

The Igbo language is spoken by people in the South-Eastern and parts of South-Southern Nigeria. It is a vibrant and rich language; Igbo names are no different. They have very deep meanings, are instructional and even tell very short stories.

These Igbo names are traditionally and historically constructed. Sometimes the baby’s grandparents will present a list of Igbo names. Some, however, are named after the events surrounding the child’s birth.

Naming a child is a very important decision for the child’s parent; as the name forms the basis of the child’s identity. Like many other African native names, the Igbo people gift their children these beautiful indigenous names. Looking at naming your girl child and still confused on what name? Here is a list of beautiful names you can gift your little princess.

A-Z order


Adaego-Daughter of wealth

Adaeze-Daughter of a King

Adaora-The people’s daughter/Daughter of the people

Adaku-Daughter born into wealth

Adamma- Beautiful daughter

Adanna- Her father’s daughter

Adanne- Her mother’s daughter

Adaobi- First daughter in the family

Adaolisa- God’s daughter

Adaora- The people’s daughter

Adaugo- Beautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle

Akwaugo- Precious daughter

Amaka- Beautiful/good

Amara/Amarachi- Mercy/Mercy of God


Apunanwu- Precious girl

Ahunna- one with her father’s look alike

Azuka- Confidence

B – C

Binyelum- Stay with me

Binyerechukwu- Stay with God

Chizitaram- God sent me

Chideziri- God wrote

Chibuzo- God comes first

Chetachi- Remember God

Chiachogomnma- God has decorated me

Chiagozie- God has blessed me

Chiamaka- God is beautiful

Chiamanda- God will not fail

Chiasoka-God is too sweet

Chiazakam- God has answered me

Chibinobim- God dwells in my heart

Chibuifem- God is my light

Chibundo- God is my shelter

Chidera- Once God wills it

Chideziri- God wrote my story

Chidiebere- God is merciful

Chidinma- God is good

Chidiogo- God is gracious

Chidumebi-God lives with me

Chigozie- Bless me oh lord

Chijioke- God is the custodian of all blessings

Chinelo- God thinks for me

Chinazor- God saves

Chinenye- God gives

Chinonso-God is near

Chinyere- God’s gift

Chioma- Good God

Chisom- God is with me

D -E

Daberechi- Lean in God

Daluchi- Thank God

Ebube- Glory

Egomaka-Money is good

Ejimetochukwu-People praise God because of me

Ekpereamaka- Prayer is good

Erinma-A child of beauty and great prospects

Ezinne-Good mother

Ezinwanyi- Good woman

F – G

Febechi/Febechukwu-Worship God

Ginikachukwu-What is greater than God?

Ginikanwa-What is greater than a child?


Ifechiluru-What God has done

Ifechimamanda- The light God has given me will not dim

Ifechukwu- Light of God

Ifedimma- Something good

Ifekerenma/Ihekerenma- Beautifully created

Ifemyolunna- What I asked of God/What I prayed for

Ifeoma- A good thing

Ifeyinwa- Nothing can be compared to a child

Ifunanya- Love

Ihuaku/Iruaku-The face of wealth

Ijeawele- Smooth journey


Iruoma/Ihuoma- Favoured

Irubinachi – My future lives in God

Isioma- Fortunate/Blessed

J – L

Jachinma- Glorify my God

Kachimra-The size of my God

Kambili- Let me live

Kosisochukwu- As it pleases God

Lebechi- Look unto God

Lotachukwu- Remember your God

M – N

Makuachukwu- Embrace God

Mmachukwu-The beauty of God

Ndidi- Patience

Nefechi- Keep worshipping God

Ngozi- Blessing

Njideka- The one I’m with/holding is greater

Nkechinyere- The one given to me by God

Nkenna-Belongs to the father (God)

Nkiruka- Greater things are ahead

Nkolika- Peace

Nneamaka/Nnedi- Motherhood is beautiful

Nneka- Motherhood is beautiful

Nwabuona- A child is gold


Obiageli- Born to win/wealth

Obianuju- Born in the midst of plenty

Obioma- Good heart

Ogechukwu- God’s time is the best

Olachi/Olachukwu- God’s pearl/jewel

Olaedo- Gold

Olanma-Beautiful pearl

Oluchi/Oluchukwu- Work of God

Onyinye- God’s gift

Ozioma- Good news

P – Z

Ranyerechukwu- Committed into God’s hands

Somtochukwu- Praise God with me

Uloaku – Treasure

Uloma- Good house

Urenna- Her father’s pride

Utochi- Sweetness of God

Zara- God answered

Zirachi-Ask God to do anything for you and he will

Zikaora- Show the world



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