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Accommodation tips for a Nigerian solo traveler visiting Namibia

Are you a solo Nigerian traveler looking for the safest good hotels you can lounge in Namibia? Well, thankfully we have the answers for you!

In this article, I will be taking advantage of some of the top four-stars to five-star hotels you can relatively be safe in. We’ve also included the prices it would cost you in Nigerian naira to book a room in these exotic hotels.

Travelling Solo? Safest location to stay is the Windhoek 

Windhoek city is one of the best locations to stay in when Namibia. Several hotels in Windhoek are also safe places to stay in. But I recommend Hilton, not because of its luxury but because you would get to connect with a lot of travellers like you. The services of the hotel are great, their cuisine is also excellent. The reviews on the Hilton hotel are great.

A day at the Hilton hotel costs an average of ₦38194

Looking for a romantic place to stay as a couple? try Swakopmund

good hotels you can lounge in Namibia

If you are travelling as a couple, then you should consider this exquisite location. The city is pretty small, so anywhere you stay in the city will be easy to reach on foot. It is also important to note that there is no public transport in this location, but don’t worry, we are sure you can walk the miles. Hotels in this location are very costly, they range from ₦60,000 to ₦180,000 a day. I would recommend Strand Hotel Swakopmund and Beach Hotel Swakopmund. Hansa Hotel is also a good place to stay if you are looking at a relatively cheap hotel.

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A day at Hansa Hotel cost an average of ₦18,434

A day at the Strand Hotel costs an average of ₦124,000 while at the Beach hotel it cost ₦60, 450 for couples.

For a single person, a day at the Strand Hotel costs an average of ₦93,052 while at the Beach hotel cost remains the same.

If you are working on a stringent expense and are looking for cheap locations – try Walvis Bay

good hotels you can lounge in namibia for a solo traveller

Walvis Bay is the cheapest location you can find in Namibia. The city has the major port of the country, this is also where consumer goods are shipped in and out of the country. You will also find cheaper tourist and sports activities in the city. Swakopmund is only a 20-minute drive away, so you and your lover or family can enjoy both cities interchangeably. The best hotel to lodge at is the Flamingo Villas Boutique Hotel. Many of their rooms are surrounded by windows and look directly towards the coastline, so you are guaranteed to have a beautiful sight to wake up to. Because of its beautiful serenity, the hotel is quite on the high side.

A day at the Flamingo Villas Boutique Hotel costs an average of ₦47,483

You can however check the Courtyard Birdwatching Hotel, Walvis Bay which cost an average of ₦20,000. It is important to note that this hotel is a 2-star Hotel.

Looking for where to stay in Namibia for adventure – visit the Koakoland

Koakoland offers adventurous travellers some rewarding nature activities. It also allows you to connect with nature. The city is located in the northwestern corner of Namibia. It is considered the most untouched part of the country, in terms of tourism and colonialism. Tourists can visit traditional villages that date back centuries to before the German colonization.

We recommend that you take a map and camping equipment along with you. For comfort, find a local tour guide that will take you around as the risk of getting lost is high.

If you’re concerned about getting lost, staying in the towns between Kaokoland and Etosha National Park gives you easy access to both areas.

You can visit tripadvisor to book a relatively cheap hotel and a tour guide





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