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Average cost of living as a Digital Nomad in Namibia

If you are looking for a good location to live as a digital Nomad in Namibia, you should consider Windhoek. Windhoek is a good choice for digital nomads, as it offers opportunities for working remotely and western comforts. Additionally, the city is at the cultural heart of Namibia.

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Although small but fast becoming a modern city, Windhoek is also one of the economic and tech hubs of Nambia. With a good infrastructure to accommodate digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs and good major roads and flight routes that connect you to other cities in Namibia; you can never go wrong here as a digital nomad.

The cost of living in Windhoek is high and is pegged at N$25,597 per month; in Nigeria naira ₦688,673. Additionally, rent prices in Windhoek remain high compared to the other cities in Namibia. The average rent for a two-bedroomed house in Windhoek was recorded at N$6 674.03; in naira ₦179554.

The best neighborhoods in Windhoek for digital nomads are City Center, Klein Windhoek, and Klein Kuppe.

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Notwithstanding the average cost, accommodation costs will vary widely depending on the renting you choose. If you use hospitality exchange services like Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders, or Hospitality Club, your expenses are going to be significantly lower than if you opt for hotels or private rooms in hostels.

How to make money as a Digital Nomad

As a digital nomad, you can work wherever you want and travel anywhere while still making money. All you need is a laptop and the internet. Here are five easy jobs you can do as a digital Nomad:

  1. Freelance jobs: There are many different types of freelance jobs you can get online. For instance, you can get freelance writing or editing jobs, copywriting, digital marketing jobs, and even an online translator.
  2. Tutor or teach languages: If you are fluent in foreign languages and have a flair for teaching, you can take up this job. The locals are always willing to learn more languages and this can be a great start for you as a Digital Nomad. You can also offer virtual tutoring services.
  3. Start a blog: You can take up blogging as a job, create a website and find a specific niche that will drive traffic to your website.


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