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Awka Twitter Hangout: All that went down

The Members of the Awka Twitter community met for a hangout at the Oasis Bar and Restaurant on Aroma’s Secretariat Road.

Awka Hangout

wokenationtv.com was there to catch and report the event as usual.

The event began around 2:00 p.m., with over 20 people seated and more on their way.

The Red carpet started with interactive sessions between the wokenationtv.com Red Carpet and members of the Awka Twitter community.

Awka Hangout Games
Awka Twitter Hangout people having fun

We got an insight into their thoughts on the newly inaugurated state Governor.

Kassy the Classy Man, the Official Host of the show, started the event with an introduction of guests.

Guest introduced themselves with their names and Twitter usernames.

Awka Twitter Hang out games

people having fun in Awka Twitter Hangout

people having fun in Awka Twitter Hangout

Different games were played at the event.

Ayo, whot, ludo, beer pong, blowing of balloons, Ps5, scrabble and Jenga.

There was also a chess competition where the winner went home with a prize and lots of sponsored games.

The Dj added a much-needed flair and vibe from his deck as tweeps lost their home training on the dance floor.

There were also musical performances from Somto and Apete, two talented musical acts that thrilled the audience with their sounds.

Also Read #OnitshaTwitterHangout: Anambra Twitter users meet in OnitshaIt was a much-needed event that was an avenue for unwinding and for people who were interacting online to get to meet in real life.

For others, it was an opportunity to shoot their shots, while some others were there to catch the cruise.

The event went on till late at night, with guests reluctant to go home because of the kind of fun they were having.

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