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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Black Wall Street Chamber President Found Dead in Her Home

Oklahoma police are investigating the deaths of Sherry Gamble Smith, President and CEO of the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce, and her husband.

Officers found Smith dead and her husband, Martin, injured inside their Bixby home near 107th Street and Mingo around 8am after someone inside called emergency health services, Fox Business reported. Martin later died in the hospital.

Seth Adcock of the Bixby Police Department told The Independent that the incident “appears to be of a domestic nature, but investigations are still ongoing to determine the timeline and what led [sic] to this tragedy.”

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Smith has been president and CEO of the Black Wall Street Chamber since its creation in 2018. The Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce is “a professional organization created to educate, create and inspire economic vitality in the North Tulsa African American community.” he reads on his Facebook page.

Smith worked for the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce.

Phil Armstrong, interim executive director of the Greenwood Rising Black Wall Street History Center, described Smith as “an incredible person who constantly thought about putting others before himself.”

“She started an organization for women in business called Women Empowering Nations, which was literally a network for women who wanted to start their own businesses and give them inspiration and encouragement,” Armstrong told The Daily Beast. “It was also the driving force behind the Juneteenth festival in Tulsa, as it has grown year after year.”

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