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Brief History of Idemili in Igbo land

In certain sections of Igboland, the python snake is treated with great respect and dignity, whereas in other parts of the same Igboland, the python is considered a terrifying animal. The clan of Idemili in igbo land is a collection of settlements that make up the current Anambra State Local Government Areas of Idemili North and Idemili South.  

It is commonly known that the Idemili clan worships pythons to the point that it is forbidden to damage or kill them. When a snake, known locally as Eke Idemili, is killed by someone, the community’s anger is always directed at the offender, and he or she is forced to provide the serpent a decent funeral, similar to that of a human being. 

Despite the huge sizes of these serpents, there has never been a known example of them murdering people in Idemili. They are said to be sacred creatures that must not be slain, according to legend.  

History of Idemili Python’ Eke Idemili’ 

Eke Idemili is a non-poisonous python who is handled with the highest decency and respect. It is illegal to kill it. It’s also known as the Royal Python, and whomever kills it must bury it properly in a coffin. 

The history of how the inhabitants of Idemili began to worship small pythons may be traced back to the Idemili River, which runs through cities such as Obosi, Ogidi, and Ojoto and is part of a network. 

The name Idemili is taken from the river, which is home to the snake Eke Idemili. The snake is revered by the inhabitants of Idemili as a representation of their god and hence a keeper of their culture and heritage.  

When a baby is born in Idemili, the small python creeps to the spot where the newborn is kept and harmlessly cuddles around the child, much to the delight of the parents. It was also learned that the snake’s visit to people’s houses might represent a variety of things, since the snake is considered to have the ability to convey either good or terrible news.

How many towns are in idemili? 

The Idemili clan is made up of 19 settlements that make up the current Anambra State Local Government Areas of Idemili North and Idemili South. 

Idemili North Local Government Area 

Idemili North local government area was created out of Idemili local government area in 1989. It is bounded on the north by Oyi and Dunukofia local government areas, on the east by Njikoka and Anaocha local government areas, on the south by Idemili South and west by Onitsha South local government area. 

Northern Towns that make up the local government are Abacha, Abatete, Eziowelle, Ideani, Nkpor, Obosi, Ogidi(HQ), Oraukwu, Uke, Umuoji. 

Idemili South Local Government Area 

This was also created out of Idemili local government area in 1989. It is bound on the north by Idemili North local government area, on the east by Anaocha local government area, on the south by Nnewi North and Ekwusigo local government area and on the west by Ogbaru local government area. 

Towns that make up the local government are Ojoto(HQ), Akwaukwu, Alor, Awka-Etiti, Nnobi, Nnokwa, Oba, Umunachi and Umudioka. 

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