Buhari Leaves Nigerians with Broken Promises with Just 35 Days Remaining

Buhari Leaves Nigerians with Broken Promises with Just 35 Days Remaining
With just 35 days remaining in his presidency, Muhammadu Buhari’s legacy is one of unfulfilled promises and missed opportunities. Despite being elected in 2015 on a platform of change and reform, Buhari has failed to make significant progress on many of the key issues facing Nigerians.

Fighting Corruption

One of the key promises made by Buhari was to tackle corruption head-on, but his anti-corruption efforts were criticized as being more about political score-settling than genuine reform. Buhari’s government was accused of using anti-corruption agencies to target political opponents while turning a blind eye to corruption within its own ranks.

Insecurity and Insurgency

Buhari also promised to end the insurgency and insecurity that have plagued Nigeria for years, but the situation has worsened under his watch. Boko Haram continues to carry out attacks on civilians and government targets, while banditry and kidnappings have become increasingly common in many parts of the country. Buhari’s government criticized for its slow response to these crises, and for failing to adequately equip and train the security forces.

Economic Growth

Another major promise made by Buhari was to revive Nigeria’s economy, but the country has experienced economic stagnation during his time in office. High unemployment rates, inflation, and a lack of investment have left many Nigerians struggling to make ends meet. Buhari’s government criticized for its failure to implement economic reforms and address structural issues such as corruption, poor infrastructure, and a dependence on oil exports.

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Electoral Promises

Buhari also made a range of other promises during his election campaigns, including improving infrastructure, providing better healthcare and education, and promoting gender equality. However, progress in these areas has been slow or non-existent. The state of Nigeria’s roads, hospitals, and schools remains poor, while gender inequality remains a major issue.

As Buhari’s presidency draws to a close, many Nigerians are left feeling disappointed and disillusioned. Despite promising change and reform, Buhari’s tenure has marked by a lack of progress and missed opportunities. With a new president set to take office, there is hope that the next administration will be able to make progress on the key issues facing Nigeria and deliver on the promises that have left unfulfilled.

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