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African culture and society coexist in today’s world history. Rekindling young people’s origins!!! Our roots are connected to every trait and fiber in our foods, garments, and rituals.

Because of Western society, we quickly lose our origin’s individuality and originality. Imposing their own way of life and etiquette as the proper way to go about things.

WNTV is raising our youth’s awareness of black heritage, culture, and order. See Nigerian, African, and global culture and history come to life in our present and future.

In Namibia, Heroes Day is a recognized public holiday. It is acknowledged as Namibia Day by the United Nations. The day, which is observed every year on August 26, honors the beginning of the Namibian War of Independence in Omugulugwombashe on that date in 1966.

South Africa’s mandate over South West African territory was removed by the UN General Assembly in 1966, and the region was put under direct UN control. They also declined to accept this decision.

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