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Do Spirit Husbands and Spirit Wives Exist?

Can we talk about our relationships with the divine for a bit? Spirit wife or spirit husband is not a relatively new term or condition, especially in this part of the world. Many Nigerian Christians are familiar with the concept of spiritual spouses and wives. Most of us grew up reading stories and seeing movies about it, while others were either fortunate or unfortunate (depending on your perspective) to witness a deliverance session.

We will be considering this subject from 2 major perspectives;

  • Marriage according to African spirituality.
  • Spirit husband and wife – Other religious beliefs

What is Marriage According to African Spirituality?

In ancient Africa, there were initiation processes every human being was entitled to. Birth initiation, initiation into adulthood, initiation into marriage, initiation into leadership, and finally initiation into ancestorship. Initiation to adulthood comes before initiation into marriage because initiation to adulthood is “marriage to self” and it is believed that marriage to another is impossible before marriage to self.

Marriage is defined as the divine union between a divine feminine and a divine masculine. In nature, the divine masculine is the sun while the divine feminine is the moon. But in the human body, the divine masculine is represented by the brain (memories – submissive), and the divine feminine is represented by the heart (intuition – dominant). So, self-marriage is a union of your intuition and your memories. This marriage to self (between your heart and brain) is done to prioritize the growth and perfect safety of the adult body to either flourish towards ease or deteriorate towards disease. This process of maturity should precede marriage to another person.

Statistics show that 1 in 3 women are victims of violence and failed marriages, and the highest exists between ages 21-24. The majority of whom are barely adults. According to African spirituality, when you perform marriage to another before marriage to self, it’s a union of four separate entities instead of two. Resulting in misunderstanding and violence revealing nothing but conflict and quagmire.

In this perspective, the four different personalities involved in the union result in the struggles and failures in the home which we always refer to as activities spirit husbands and wives.

Spirit Spouses – Religious Beliefs

Today, we’ll provide some other information on this fascinating subject. According to some religions, here are four facts regarding spirit husbands and wives that you should be aware of. There are some things people believe in about spirit spouses.

1. They are demons/demonic beings.

These marriages may be myths to others, but they are pretty real to many individuals in the church. According to the Christian Truth Center, they are devils, which explains why they cannot be seen with human eyes.

2. One of their strategies is to have sex in their dreams and they promote sexual activities.

This appears to be a definite technique to know if you have a spirit spouse or wife. Spiritual spouses not only have intercourse with you, but they also force their victims to sleep. They also promote pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, and prostitution, according to the website.

3. They generate confusion in families.

According to this website, having a spiritual spouse is quite likely to cause trouble in any family. This is due to the fact that they induce wives to disrespect their human husbands and vice versa. They also instigate brawls.

4. They have been associated with infertility, miscarriage, and barrenness.

According to reports, there is another reliable method of determining whether or not one has a spiritual spouse. This is accomplished by clogging the tubes, resulting in miscarriages, fibroids, cancer, and other complications.

Some things are simply incredible when you first hear about them. A bigger surprise is realizing that practically everyone believes such things are true. I recently went through a similar scenario. The first time I heard of ‘spirit husbands’ and ‘spirit wives’ they were often referred to as “night husbands” and “night wives.”

What exactly are “Spirit Husbands” and “Spirit Wives”?

When your marriage is falling apart owing to a spouse who appears to have lost interest in you, or you have significant gynecological issues, or you are suffering miscarriages, the idea is that you have a spirit called ‘spirit husband.’ In the spiritual sphere, these entities give us trouble. This is also true if you are getting older yet still unmarried. If this is the case, you have a ‘spirit spouse’ who is preventing you from dating other guys. Thus, it is argued, deliverance is required for a healthful and healthy marriage. This is another belief on this subject.

How do dreams show diagnosis?

Typically, you will be asked about your dreams during the diagnosis. If you have had dreams about swimming (the stubborn spirits are marine spirits), missing your menstrual period, becoming pregnant, breastfeeding, vomiting, going shopping, having sex with a man who is not your husband, having a miscarriage, getting married, or about to be killed, then you have a spirit husband. You require deliverance. The spiritual person will often tell you that you are having sex with someone other than your husband in your dreams. You may dispute this. If you do, he/she will say that your spirit spouse erased the memories. It’s similar to demonic manipulation or memory loss.

Of course, this is neutral. Men experiencing marital, and financial difficulties are also educated about ‘spirit wives’ and ‘night wives.’ However, it is usually women who are always the victims. Why is that?

Criticisms of Spirit Husbands and Wives 

What can I say about spirit spouses and wives, which is popular in Africa today? It is ridiculous and really controversial. Here are explanations or ways to look at this:

1. Unbiblical

None of this is mentioned in the Bible. We’ve returned to the middle ages when people believed anything priests said without ever comparing it to what the Bible says. The stories that are going about are larger than life, much like in the dark ages. Spirit spouses are taking on new forms and appearing in unexpected locations. Even when they utilize the Bible, they remove it from the context. One used Matthew 13:25, which states, “But while his troops were asleep, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and walked away.” In this text, he said that spirit spouses come at night to sleep with women.

2. Superstitious

There is a very harmful superstitious perspective on dreams. If I am in love with someone, I am prone to fantasize about him or her. Similarly, if I am having difficulty conceiving a kid, I would most likely dream that I am pregnant. If I’m looking for work, I’ll fantasize about the day I obtain it. Similarly, if I wish to meet former President Barack Obama, I am likely to fantasize about dining with him and his wife, Michelle, in the White House. Dreams frequently convey our hopes and concerns.

While some people strongly believe in the existence of these spirit wives and spirit husbands, others think it is total gibberish and doesn’t really exist. they think it is one of those misconceptions in our world today. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.




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