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Herbal Approach for Breast and Prostate Cancer

Breast Cancer: Advice to women

Breast cancer incidence in women has increased over the years. It’s important to note that there is no herbal treatment that has been scientifically proven to cure breast cancer. While some herbs may have anti-cancer properties, they should not be used as a substitute for standard medical treatment.

That being said, some herbs may have complementary benefits and can be used to alleviate symptoms or side effects of conventional cancer treatment. And success has been made in curing cancer using herbal medicine in recent years but no standard approval has been made on them yet.

Advice for women with or without cancer is;

  1. Take more natural foods

Let 80% of your food intake be natural or organic food. The 20% can be processed foods and all. Packaged and synthetic foods are likely to be carcinogenic maybe not themselves but in their packages.

2. Overall wellness and treatment of Infections

You shouldn’t have a major infection before you take care of yourself. Not treating infections or infections that have stayed with you over the years can have severe consequences and increase your chances of having both breast and uterine cancer. Practices like

  • using clean and dry underwear,
  • regular breast examinations,
  • Good toilet hygiene
  • Intake of only medically approved medications(avoiding self-prescription for illness).
  • When you have a history of it in your family see your oncologist early and regularly. From your twenties, check in with your physician and know your chances.
  • Be careful of other herbal treatments you get into your system. Products like kayanmata herbs may have long-term consequences both for fertility and your hormones.


Prostate Cancer: Advice for men

This has become a very popular problem within and outside Africa. Prostate cancer is also a severe condition, one people easily mistake for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia(BPH). BPH is the enlargement of the prostate making it very difficult to urinate. It can be treated with medicine or surgery. One in seven men have prostate cancer yearly. There’s also an increasing no of death in those who do not take care of this properly. There is no stereotyped cause for this disease but,

  1. You are safer with natural food intake.
  2. Avoid being overweight.
  3. Excessive drinking can have severe results.

Safe Practices Include;

  • From the age of 40, please start getting examined by a herbal specialist or urologist.
  • If you have a history of prostate cancer in your family, get checked early. It is not a death sentence just take the advised precaution from a professional.
  • Regardless of whatever stage of cancer you have even if it’s stage 1, follow through with your treatment plan and take all medically advised precautions.

Herbal Approach Vs Medical Approach

The herbal approach especially in Nigeria has yielded an increasing number of successful treatments for both breast and prostate cancer. General healthcare has made the treatments for this condition pretty expensive and with adverse side effects for some treatments. Treatment methods like chemotherapy or endocrine therapy have pretty severe side effects in addition to the illness.

Side effects of Chemotherapy

  • anemia
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • pain
  • hair loss
  • weight loss and more.

Surgery also doesn’t always prove to be 100% effective especially when cancer has spread to other parts. One may need both surgery and another type of treatment to have a fighting chance.

Regardless of the stage of cancer, herbal medicine seems to be having almost a 90% success rate in curing both diseases. And with fewer adverse side effects from the treatment process. There are testimonies of successful herbal treatments.


PS: It’s important to talk to your healthcare provider before taking any herbs or supplements, as they can interact with other medications and may not be appropriate for everyone.

herbs for breast and prostate cancer


What are Herbal Alternatives for Breast and Prostate Cancer Treatment?

Herbal alternatives for treating breast and prostate cancer can include a variety of natural remedies such as essential oils, certain herbs, and supplements. For example, lemon balm and chamomile are two herbs that may help reduce anxiety in cancer patients. Additionally, turmeric is an herb that has shown promise in reducing inflammation and even inhibiting tumor growth. Many supplements, such as omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, green tea extract, and vitamin D have also been studied for their potential to support recovery from breast or prostate cancer.

How Can Essential Oils Reduce Inflammation Associated with Cancer?

Essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, and rosemary oil have been shown to be useful in reducing inflammation associated with cancer. Lavender has calming effects that can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality. Peppermint is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and also may decrease pain from certain kinds of cancer treatments. Rosemary can reduce anxiety, fatigue, and nausea associated with chemotherapy. Additionally, evidence suggests that rosemary oil may even help inhibit the growth of cancer cells!

What Types of Herbs Have Proven Results in Reducing Tumor Growth?

Herbs such as ginger, turmeric, and ashwagandha have been clinically proven to reduce tumor growth in both breast and prostate cancer. Ginger has effective anti-tumor properties that can suppress the release of angiogenesis factors, which can result in the inhibition of tumor growth. Turmeric has a powerful antioxidant activity that has been demonstrated to inhibit tumor growth. Ashwagandha also has a potent effect on suppressing cell growth and inducing apoptosis in cancer cells. Additionally, it may be beneficial for decreasing symptoms associated with cancer treatments like fatigue and nausea!


How to Create an Effective Diet and Nutritional Plan for Cancer Patients?

When creating a dietary and nutritional plan for cancer patients it is best to focus on foods that are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eating fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources can provide important nutrients for healthy cell growth. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can also reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Furthermore, drinking green tea helps the survival rates of prostate cancer. Lastly, avoiding or limiting processed and fried foods can help balance blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and aid in better cancer management.

Remedies that Help Boost Immunity and Restore Balance in the Body.

Herbal remedies for centuries now, help boost immunity and restore balance in the body. Recent studies have uncovered potential anti-cancer benefits from natural substances like turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, reishi mushrooms, and milk thistle. For instance, turmeric has been found to lower inflammation while also decreasing tumor growth rates. Similarly, milk thistle has shown promise in reducing increased liver enzymes connected with prostate cancer treatments. Finally, reishi mushrooms can help reduce fatigue associated with the side effects of certain cancer treatments.


PS: Bear in mind that these herbal alternatives are common recipes used in the herbal mixture which can’t be clearly stated here but once you consult with the herbalist treating you, you can know the details of the herbal mix for your cure. It varies from person to person, it also depends on the stage of cancer.



This article is based on consultation with a qualified and trusted source. Matron Ngozi Nnaeme, CEO of Immaculate Herbs at Immaculate Conception Maternity Home, Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact her here on Facebook, or Linkedin. Or email her at ngnnaeme@gmail.com





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