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How Prophet Daniel Abodunrin Was Torn Apart By Lions in 1991 – WNTV 

Daniel Abodunrin, the Nigerian prophet who was eaten by lions in 1991 while reenacting a Bible narrative.


Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, is Nigeria’s biggest city and Africa’s third largest after Cairo and Johannesburg. The city in Nigeria’s southwest is noted for its rich and interesting cultures, lifestyle, history, and captivating tourism spots. 

The University of Ibadan zoological garden, which proudly contains animals ranging from lions to rabbits, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Ibadan. Many families in Ibadan make it a point to visit the zoo during the holiday seasons to socialize and have fun.  

How Prophet Daniel Abodunrin Was Torn Apart By Lions

On a fateful day in 1991, tourists came to the University of Ibadan Zoo, as usual, to watch the animals and enjoy the beautiful setting. 

Lions have the most amount of visitors of any animal in the zoo. A tour to the UI zoo without seeing the lions is said to be incomplete.  

As previously said, everyone was in the zoo that day to enjoy the animals except for one man, a bold and courageous prophet named Daniel Abodunrin, who was on a different mission. The prophet tried to explain the “work of God of Daniel” by stepping directly into the lions’ cage and petting them without becoming attacked, like Daniel did in the Bible.  

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin’s intention was to recreate the biblical story of Daniel who out of envy was thrown to lions that have been mysteriously tamed by God. The biblical story has it that God sent down angels to shut the mouths of the lions.  

A determined Prophet Daniel Abodunrin walked up to some staff members of the zoo and requested to gain entry into the lions’ cage. No one in his/her right senses will grant such a request, so the prophet was turned down, whether he sneaked in or not, one thing is certain, the prophet found his way into the cage.  

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He called unto the “God of Daniel” to perform wonders. He was shouting “Jah, Jah, Jah”, a shortened form of Jehovah. At first, the lions retreated to a corner of their cage. Unknown to the prophet, Lions are likely to retreat at first when they see something unusual in their territory and later, they get rid of it.  

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin thought his faith was really working; that the God of Daniel was Performing wonders. He then moved nearer to the lions as he kept chanting bible verses. Then in a flash, the lions pounced on Him. He battled for his dear life but his strength was no match for the hefty lions and in a moment, he was torn apart and eaten. 



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