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Introduction – Journey to Self Series

Journey to self is a real-life experience of Ralu Freeman who is on his journey to self-actualization. On discovering more about his earthly existence, Ralu Freeman writes about his experiences from a personal, family, and societal standpoint.

Self-expression hindered by principalities and powers hidden from the normal eyes is explored and investigated to get a philosophical, esoteric, and spiritual meaning. Growing up in a staunch Catholic family, Ralu Freeman is brought to the knowledge of his calling to be a traditional priest. On this journey, he tries to make sense of the unknown via spiritual discernment and insight as he matures in spirit and mind.

This series dives into the unknown every week as Ralu Freeman shares recent real-life occurrences as they happen. He attempts to find meaning and balance in this brand-new world. As a strong believer in African culture and spirituality, he is faced with the daily challenges of being able to communicate his traditional Igbo spirituality priesthood with his Christian family and others in a world that frowns at ancient traditional practices.

As you follow this weekly series on WokeNation TV, he will be sharing his experience as he learns about this new world. With his growing knowledge of the Christian faith and other world religions and esoteric beliefs, he will draw explanations to shed better light on Igbo spirituality and culture.

Ralu Freeman is a writer, artist, creative director, content creator, and entrepreneur from Anambra State, Nigeria. Follow us @wokenationtv on social media to keep up with Ralu Freeman on his intriguing journey to self.

Begin series – Episode 1




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