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Looking to Japa? Here are UK apprenticeship program you can apply to

Japa, otherwise known as Emigration has become the most talked-about word in Nigeria today. For many Japa is the surest way to escape poverty and the present hard economy of Nigeria. For others, it is a means to find greener pastures.

But emigrating comes with many prices that an average citizen may not be able to meet up with. People who aren’t able to meet up with the cost of Japa often look out for schools offering scholarships; this is sometimes farfetched as not so many want to go through the stress of going back to school. Not to worry, we have the alternative to scholarships if school isn’t your thing.

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What if you have an opportunity to start an apprenticeship program where you can learn a skill and earn while learning, would you take it?

In this article, I will be showing you the top 5 apprenticeship program that offers relocation plan. These apprenticeship programs offer you certification upon completion of your apprenticeship. What’s more interesting is that you earn while you work.

Top 9 paid apprenticeship programs in the UK

The apprenticeship program ranges from the public and private sector, including industries such as engineering, banking, healthcare, retailing, local government, accountancy and employers from the charity sector. Below is a list of companies ranked by the UK government in no particular order as the best companies with apprenticeship programs.

  1. British Army: The British Army achieved the top spot by helping over 8,000 apprentices gain new skills and progress in 2019-2020. The British army offers apprenticeships in areas including engineering, telecommunications, logistics, construction, health and IT.
  2. HMRC – The HMRC apprenticeship programme covers roles from project delivery to business administration. Additionally, the apprenticeship is run in several cities in the UK including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  3. Amazon – The Amazon software development apprenticeship program runs across Europe and the UK. Specifically, the UK application window opens in February, and apprentices start between May and October, depending on the program.
  4. Royal Navy – The Royal Navy Apprenticeships combine practical, on-the-job training, with the study. Royal navy apprenticeship also usually takes 12-18 months depending on the job program you are taking.
  5. BT – BT offers apprenticeships in almost everything you can think of. From Customer Service to Project Management to Software Engineering. Furthermore, the BT offer Applied Research, Field Engineering and Cyber Security apprenticeship program.
  6. Microsoft – Microsoft’s Leap Program debuted in the IT-sphere in 2015 and is available at all worldwide Microsoft workplaces. The apprenticeship programme also lasts 16 weeks and combines classroom learning with engineering assignments.
  7. Deloitte – The Deloitte apprenticeship is a paid programme that runs for two years; 1 to 6 months of offsite training and 7 to 24 months of work placement at Deloitte. An apprentice will equally get an Advanced Certificate in their area of specialization.


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