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Six Surprising Reasons Why Children in Nigeria Don’t Attend School

Millions of children quit school every day all across the world. They are not absent because they are ill but for some reason.

Furthermore, it’s not because children dislike going to school. They do; the 58 million children who are now denied access to primary education are anxious to spend each day in a classroom studying.

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Why then don’t they? 

Because They are Female  

Only 50% of the females in Nigeria attend school. Only 30% of all females enrolled in secondary education, and girls make up more than half of all children who drop out of primary school globally. Due to considerations like poverty, safety, or culture, male offspring often receive an education but their female siblings do not. If current trends continue, the poorest girls won’t complete elementary education until 2089, according to UNESCO.  

Because They Reside in Conflict Areas 

Since violence broke out late last year, hundreds of thousands of children forced to flee the country. Growing up in a conflict area has terrible long-term impacts, and UNICEF estimates that 48.5 million children globally skip school as a result of wars and conflicts. Approximately 290 schools damaged or destroyed as a result of the recent conflict in Ukraine.  

Because of Their Disabilities 

Nine out of ten of the 150 million children who live with a disability worldwide—80% of whom are in developing worlds not attend school. The obstacles vary from practical transportation issues—many children must walk to school—to countries’ education policies that do not assist children with disabilities.  

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Because Their Countries are Poor 

Some of the poorest countries in the world struggle to finance an education system for all their children. But evidence shows that if we invest more in education, poverty is reduced at a faster rate, there are long-term health benefits and greater gender equality. 

Because of Early marriage 

More than 60% of them are girls in the north of the country and child marriage is a major cause of them dropping out. Boys are affected but most victims of child marriage are girls. It is estimated that 15 million girls marry before they turn 18. After their wedding they leave the education system and, armed with few educational skills, they and their families are more likely to live in poverty. 

Because There is no School 

In some parts of the world, there just aren’t any schools. Many children in the developing world are taught outdoors when the weather permits. And many schools don’t even have desks or sufficient equipment. In sub-Saharan Africa more than 95 million schoolchildren don’t have a desk and worldwide the figure is estimated at over 400 million. 


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