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Top 7 Countries with The Largest African Diaspora Population

Africans in the Diaspora Before and Now

The African diaspora refers to the global communities of people of African descent who live outside of the African continent. You can trace Africans all around the world due to histories such as the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism, and migration.

The African diaspora includes people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, including those who have descended from slaves, those who have migrated for economic or educational opportunities, and those who have sought asylum or refugee status.

Africans in the diaspora contribute significantly to the social, cultural, and economic fabric of their host countries. They also maintain strong connections with their African roots, often celebrating their cultural heritage through music, food, dance, and other forms of artistic expression.

Despite the challenges faced by Africans in the diaspora, such as discrimination and prejudice, they continue to strive for equality, representation, and justice. Many individuals and organizations are actively working to promote African culture and history, combat racism, and improve the lives of people of African descent around the world.

Countries with the largest African diaspora population around the world

Top 7 Countries with The Largest African Diaspora Population

It is estimated that Africa has over 140 million people in the diaspora. For many of these people, there’s been quite a number of reasons why they left the African continent to go to whichever country they are today.

  • The oldest reason was the slave trade that happened between the 16th and the 19th century and the very high levels of unemployment on the African continent today.
  • Then also sampling the African continent because of political persecution of others,
  • Some leave or left the African continent because of the spirit of adventure in order to go find out what is elsewhere
  • In search of greener pastures, due to their careers, especially in sports n entertainment.
  • Some just migrate to join their families.

Here, we bring you the top seven countries with the largest African diaspora population in the world. The African diaspora is the worldwide collection of communities that come from native Africans. The term is most commonly referring to the descendants of the West and Central Africans who were enslaved and shipped to the Americas via the Atlantic slave trade between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Their largest populations are in Brazil, the United States, Haiti, and others. Some scholars identify the “four circulatory phases” of this migration out of Africa. The phrase African diaspora became common at the turn of the 21st century. These countries include;

1. Brazil

About 55.9 Million Brazil has an estimated 55.9 million people of African descent, making it the country with the largest African Diaspora population. The Portuguese started the slave trade during the 1550s, and they managed to trade over five million enslaved people from Mozambique, Congo, Angola, Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana. About 50% of those captured were brought to Brazil to work on the mines and sugar plantations in northeastern parts of the country which includes the present-day Bahia and Pernambuco states.

2. The United States

Over 46.4 Million Although the Trans-Atlantic slave trade brought a majority of the slaves to the United States, many Africans also migrated to the United States voluntarily. Today, many people continue to emigrate from various countries in Africa to the United States. The number of African-born Americans has increased from 1,183,316 in 2000 to over 1,676,413 in 2010.

3. Haiti

Over 10.1 Million Afro-Haitians refer to all the citizens of Haiti of African descent. Many are the descendants of the slaves who were once brought to Haiti by the French to work on plantations.

4. Dominican Republic

Over 9.2 Million Afro-Dominicans refer to all Dominicans of African ancestry. The number of Afro-Dominicans whose ancestors were brought from Central Africa and West Africa from the 16th to the 19th century is 9.2 million. The population also includes all the other immigrants from the French and Anglo-Caribbean nations present due to the Dominican Republic during the 20th century.

5. Colombia 

Currently, more than 4.9 Million Colombians of African descent are known as Afro-Colombians. With an African Diaspora population of about 4.9 million, Colombia has the third-highest population of African diaspora members in the western hemisphere and the fifth-largest globally. Africans were brought as slaves by the 1520s from various West African nations including Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana among others to replace the reducing population of Native Americans.

6. Cuba

Cuba has a population of approximately 11 million people, with a significant Afro-Cuban population. Many Afro-Cubans are Africans brought to the island as slaves.

7. Venezuela

Venezuela has a population of approximately 28 million people and is home to a significant Afro-Venezuelan population. The majority of Afro-Venezuelans are enslaved Africans brought to the country during the colonial period.



5 Merits of the African population in the Diaspora.

1. Cultural Diversity

The African diaspora is diverse and includes people from many different countries, cultures, and languages. This diversity can enrich the communities in which they settle and contribute to more appreciation of cultural diversity.

2. Economic Contributions

The African diaspora makes significant economic contributions to their host countries and to African countries through remittances, investments, and trade. Remittances sent back to African countries are a significant source of income and can help to support economic development.

3. Political Influence

The African diaspora can also have political influence both in their host countries and in African countries. Diaspora communities can advocate for policies and initiatives that benefit their communities and can also serve as a bridge between their host country and their country of origin.

4. Knowledge Transfer

The African diaspora also brings valuable skills, knowledge, and expertise to their host countries and to African countries. This can include expertise in fields such as science, technology, and business, which can contribute to economic development and growth.

5. Cultural Preservation

The African diaspora can also help to preserve and promote African culture and traditions. Diaspora communities often maintain strong cultural ties to their country of origin and can share their culture and traditions with their host communities.


Overall, the African population in the diaspora has the potential to make significant contributions to both their host and African countries. This is a wrap for now, please share your comments or suggestions in the comments section.



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