2020 Campaign Committee of Kanye West Speaks out on fraud

Kanye West

The 2020 presidential campaign committee of Kanye West claims to have been scammed of thousands of dollars. 

These allegations were made in a letter to the Federal Election Commission acquired by TMZ on Tuesday. 

The letter stated that the committee had undertaken an inquiry and discovered that someone entered their account three times between December and February 2021, according to the news source.  

Attempts to reclaim the funds from the First Bank of Wyoming, where they were allegedly housed, had failed. 

The inquiry discovered that the stolen funds totaling $3,999 were used to pay off an unknown individual’s credit card, according to the letter.  

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According to TMZ, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) was the first to notice the illegal behavior, and while no charges have been made, Kanye’s former committee is collaborating with the FEC to gather further evidence. 

Kanye has yet to respond to the situation. 

Kanye ‘Ye’ West stated his desire to run for president with the newly founded “Birthday Party” in July 2020. 

In the days running up to the election, Ye ran an ad in the New York Times that was paid for by the Kanye 2020 campaign. “Dear Future,” an open letter, envisioned what he (Ye) viewed as America’s future. 

Ye conceded the race in November 2020 after failing to receive enough votes.  

Kanye tweeted, “WELP.” 


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