5 budget friendly Valentine’s day gift for your loved ones

Valentine's day gift for your boyfriend or lover

With only a few days till Valentine’s day, the pressure is on, as talks and expectations among people, or loved ones are at an all-time high, especially what to expect as Valentine’s day gift.

This is visible on social media, where users appear to be sharing various all kinds of opinions and views, from elaborate to romantic.

However, the reality is a huge number of people experience obvious difficulty in recovering from the holiday spending, as we beg to consider the true meaning behind the February 14th celebrations with hopes that it would inspire our creative juices with more thoughtful and fun ways to show love without breaking the bank.

Some budget-friendly Valentine’s day gift ideas for your loved one this valentine includes: 

  1. Candle Lit dinner at Home: Planning dinner at home expresses thought process and effort as opposed to whipping out cash and paying for meals at a fancy restaurant. From the planning process to preparations and enjoying the meals, loved ones get to enjoy and appreciate the effort behind it.
  2. Handcrafted cards/gifts: Again, this signifies thoughtfulness as its contents would contain sentimental words of how you feel so dearly for the person. It would be great to pair this with a playlist compilation of their favourite songs or poems that reflects on your relationship
  3. Red roses: As the proverb goes, “roses are red, violets are blue, I’ll never ever, ever stop loving you.” As cliché as it may appear, roses are a worldwide symbol of love. 
  4. Box of chocolates: Over the years, chocolates have been known to be romantic candy and the sweet taste would symbolize how sweet the receiver is. Chocolate also goes well with a bubble bath, pizza, or takeout.
  5. Food trays: A food tray is a great thought gift to give your loved one on Valentine; this tray would contain varieties of the person’s best foods, drinks, candies and other edibles. This present would undoubtedly reflect the thought and effort you put into considering your loved one(s). A great way to enjoy a food tray would be to pair it with a home movie date to watch while enjoying the contents on the tray.  

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Asides from the above listed, there are a lot more ways to mark the 14th. What’s most important is being aware of your partner or loved one’s love language while creating something out of it.

From surprise gestures to love notes and poems, keep in mind showing love does not equal expenses. It’s the thought that counts! 

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