Home Election Plug ANAMBRA 2021: Anambra Youths, To Gain from an Equal Opportunity Society?

ANAMBRA 2021: Anambra Youths, To Gain from an Equal Opportunity Society?

ANAMBRA 2021: Anambra Youths, To Gain from an Equal Opportunity Society?

The top aspirant of Anambra state People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Mrs. Chidi Onyemelukwe, daughter of former vice president of Nigeria, Dr. Alex Ekwueme declared her intention in the forthcoming November 6, 2021 Election in the State.

She said that the State today is faced with many challenges hence the need to be united and face up to difficulties with fortitude and determination to respond to differences with an inclusive attitude.

Onyemelukwe’s expression has slowed her opponents, She promised changes in key sectors of the State economy such as health, education.

“My government will partner with the Organized Private Sector to make Anambra the industrial hub of Nigeria, using existing facilities and technological competences that already exist in the Onitsha-Nnewi-Awka industrial axis”. Onyemelukwe Declared.

“My priorities are to restore trust and confidence in both leadership and governance; to get our state and our infrastructure working again; to sustain and protect existing public infrastructure and public amenities, and to complete abandoned projects. Anambra has very good road networks. We shall sustain and expand that road network. We must restore availability of pipe borne potable water to our cities, towns and villages. We shall explore alternative and climate-friendly energy sources. Under my leadership, Anambra will be fiscally secure and solvent. This is a solemn pledge. We shall govern with the fear of God”. The aspirant said.

“Offering better life to Anambra people is imperative. Anambra shall be an equal opportunity state for all. Our governance mantra, ethics and values will be premised on accountability and transparency, which is the grundnorm of any good government. We shall offer opportunities to our people to get affordable healthcare, good education, gainful employment and dividends of democracy. We shall implement political and gender-based equity in elective and appointive positions based on 60:40 ratio. We shall seek to reinstate cordial relationship with our international development partners. Most of these opportunities shall be targeted on Anambra youths”. She added.