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A better understanding of inter-ethnic marriage

Inter-ethnic marriage is a type of exogamy in which two spouses from different ethnic groups marry. 

Although marriage is regarded as a basic right, divorce is nevertheless considered illegal in some societies; thus, it is important for one to be selective about whom they want to have as a life partner.

Marriage must be accepted by the two lovers, approved by their parents, and supported by society. Despite this, there have always been some issues in marriage. 

It is important to note that people from various cultural origins do not intrinsically create all of the issues involved with inter-ethnic marriage.  

What is the main issue with inter-ethnic marriage?  

Ethnic groups in Nigeria’s multicultural society get along well with one another, but relations between cultures in Nigeria can be a little difficult at times. 

Because the majority of the conflicts take place in the field of power, it can be observed that conflict is more intense at the top of the social system than it is at the bottom of the social system.

If the leaders had worked diligently to prevent inter-ethnic violence from spreading, it would not have been as widespread. 

The other difficulties associated with inter-ethnic marriage can be easily overcome if the couple is truly in love with each other. 

Different cultural standards and taboos: may present themselves in etiquette, name-calling, discourse, burial, and one’s attitude about life. Disagreements can happen not just between couples, but also between their families. 

Language variations: may lead to a simple misinterpretation of what is being communicated. However, because practically everyone in Nigeria speaks English, this is not a major issue. 

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Food disparities: can also cause problems in inter-ethnic marriages. A new spouse could accuse his new wife of cooking delicious dinners.

He may even draw parallels between her meals and those of his mother or sister. Such a series of incidents would anger any lady.  

Religious views and customs difference: nature-oriented Igbo beliefs, for example, may contrast with philosophic Bini views, which may be more abstract. It’s likely that this isn’t such a big deal for most people, but it may be for some. 

Differences in their attire: In this case, modesty, colours, and even the type of tissue used are crucial. A woman in an inter-tribal marriage may expect her spouse to encourage her to dress in a way that is appropriate in his culture. 

Why we should promote inter-ethnic marriages  

The notion of Nigerian national unity is one of the reasons why inter-ethnic weddings are encouraged in the country.

The more inter-ethnic marriages there are in Nigeria, the less divided the country is. 

Inter-ethnic marriage may readily bring people together. Your children will have a firm knowledge of what it is to be a normal Nigerian from both sides; particularly if your wife is Yoruba and your spouse is Igbo or Hausa. 

It also makes things easier if you are fluent in both languages. He or she will be a part of one of these tribes.  


Chinaza Ogbachalu
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