Britain struck deal with Rwanda to relocate asylum seekers

asylum seekers

Britain might transfer tens of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda for resettlement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday as he detailed plans to address the problem of cross-Channel migration. 

“We must guarantee that the sole road to refuge in the UK is a safe and lawful one,” 

“Those who try to misuse our processes will also find no automatic road to setting up shop in our nation”

“And will instead be quickly and compassionately deported to a safe third country or their place of origin”.

“Anyone who enter the UK unlawfully since January 1 might now be sent to Rwanda, in central Africa as asylum seekers”. 

“The agreement we reached is uncharted territory, and Rwanda will have the potential to relocate tens of thousands of people in the next years,”. 

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Opposition parties slammed the measure, with Yvette Cooper, interior minister Priti Patel’s Labour party colleague.

They also called it “extortionate, impossible, and unethical.” 

Johnson said he knew the plan would be criticized and face legal challenges, but he committed to go to whatever length to see it through.  

The British government announced an initial contribution of 120 million pounds ($157.55 million) to the cooperation. 

‘The idea is at single young males. “This is mostly about male economic migrants,”

Secretary of State for Wales Simon Hart told Sky News. “Women and children have a unique set of difficulties.” 

Patel was in Kigali, Rwanda, to sign the collaboration agreement, which he unveiled at a joint news appearance with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta. 

He said “When we discussed this collaboration, we examined our ability to take migrants, and we know that we have the capacity in a place to receive migrants, but we are also investing in infrastructure moving future,”  

See what Opposition lawmakers said 

Opposition lawmakers said Johnson was attempting to divert attention away from renewed calls for his resignation.

More than 28,000 migrants and refugees crossed from continental Europe to the United Kingdom last year. 

The landing of migrants on frail boats has been a source of contention between France and Britain.

“Before Christmas, 27 individuals died, and there may be many more losing their lives at sea in the coming weeks” Johnson added.  

“Around 600 came across the Channel yesterday. In just a few weeks this could again reach a thousand a day.” 

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