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See Nigerians in the U.S. holding the presidential debate for Atiku, Peter Obi, Tinubu, and Others in 2023.

A debate for each presidential candidate running on February 25, 2023. Presidential elections are planned by Nigerians residing in the United States.  

The presidential discussion, dubbed “The Diaspora Listens,” will take place online on November 26. According to the statement released on Sunday by the organizing committee and signed by Olayinka DanSalami.  

The debate was organized by the Organization for the Advancement of Nigerians (OAN, Inc.) in conjunction with 15 more Nigerian partner organizations in the United States.  

Mr. DanSalami said the presidential candidates had been invited to attend the debate. 

“The United States hosts one of the largest numbers of Nigerian citizens and associations worldwide. They are critical to the political and socio-economic development of our dear country. In spite of the differences in cultures and languages,” the statement explained. “We are also continuing to fly the Nigerian flag high as we excelled in our various endeavors.” 

It added, “Thus, we believe that to actualize the Nigeria of our dream, everyone must contribute his or her own quota. We believe that the 2023 presidential election is a critical and consequential election that has generated so much enthusiasm, interest, and support among the Nigerian compatriots in the diaspora.” 

Mr. DanSalami noted that the election had brought about” a patriotic clamor by Nigerians in the diaspora to have the presidential candidates talk to us.”