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Chief Vincent Obianodo, CEO of Young Shall Grow, Was Born Today in 1947 

Chief Vincent Obianodo, CEO of Young Shall Grow, Was Born Today in 1947 

Chief Vincent Obianodo is the Founder of Young Shall Grow Group, a leading transportation company in Nigeria. 


He was born in Neni, Anambra State, He spent his early life in his hometown before moving to Kano state in search of greener pastures. 

Early Life 

In Kano state, he learnt how to patch punctured tyres and became an expert at it (at a period when few people could), so he had a long line of clients waiting for him to fix tyres for their cars. 

The Young Shall Grow Boss kept repairing tires for a few more years before deciding to work as a bus conductor. This is what he did until 1972, when he saved enough money to purchase his bus. After gaining a thorough understanding of the transportation industry, he decided to retire as a bus conductor and purchase a mini-bus to service the Enugu-Onitsha route.  

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As his business grew, he shifted his operations from Onitsha to Lagos in 1973 and began a more established transport business with two locally manufactured Mercedes Benz 911 buses. After years of operation in Lagos, the number of buses he owned expanded from two to forty in line with his transportation business. He was also involved in delivery, which contributed to the development of his firm.  

His exceptional customer service delivery got many people to patronize his business and by 1978, he decided to expand by opening up a new interstate route, plying from Lagos to Onitsha to Owerri. He also bought a Mercedes Benz 0362 luxury bus for this purpose. This expansion gained his business more fame and within 6 years, his number of buses grew to 150. Owing to the success of the business, Chief Vincent Incorporated his business in 1984 so he could fully cover every possible part of Nigeria, as a leading inter-state luxury bus company.  


Today, The Young Shall Grow Motors is one of Nigeria’s major luxury bus companies, operating over 500 buses on practically every route in Nigeria as well as in other west African nations such as Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali, and The Benin Republic.  

He also has businesses in the Hospitality, Oil and Gas, Real estate sectors. 

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