Chinese Man Finds Blood in Pee, Turns out He was Menstruating

Chinese Man Finds Blood in Pee

By a strange event, a Chinese man who had long seen blood in his pee went to the doctor terrified to death. The man also reported some stomach pains that lasted for several hours. 

The Chinese Man was diagnosed with appendicitis by a doctor, but the symptoms persisted despite the medication. He went to the doctor, thinking he had urinary problems, but the diagnosis was something else.  

Doctors surprised him with the news that he had no urinary problems, but was actually just going through his menstrual cycle.  

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Chen Li, a native of a small village in Sichuan province in southwest China, was operated on to treat a problem with irregular urination during puberty and repeatedly saw blood in his urine for the next 20 years. 

A medical examination revealed that Chen also had female reproductive organs such as the ovaries and a uterus.

According to his follow-up report, his levels of the male sex hormone androgen were below average. Her ovarian activity and female sex hormone levels were comparable to those reported in healthy adult women. 

Eventually, Chen determines to have both male and female reproductive organs.  

Chen, who has identified himself as a man for 33 years, found the result puzzling. In June, she requested a procedure to remove her female reproductive organs. 

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