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DuckDuckGo’s privacy-focused browser is now available on Mac

DuckDuckGo’s privacy-focused browser software is now in beta for Mac, but you’ll need to join a secret queue to get it. 

DuckDuckGo on Mac, like the mobile browser program, utilizes the DuckDuckGo search engine by default, automatically disables web trackers.

It also includes the famed “Fire” button, which deletes your browsing history and tabs with a single click. 

The browser app has a new function that is meant to assist eliminate those annoying cookie consent pop-ups that display when you first enter a page. 

DuckDuckGo claims that it will delete them on 50% of sites while automatically picking the option that prevents or lowers tracking cookies.  

You’ll also have access to a privacy feed on DuckDuckGo’s homepage. 

It appears similar to Safari’s Privacy Report, but instead of merely showing how many trackers it has stopped, it breaks down tracking by site and allows you to erase data. 

DuckDuckGo will not load material on sites that include trackers in embedded content, such as Facebook.

Instead, it will display a message informing you of the tracking and asking if you want to proceed.  

Other advantages of DuckDuckGo include: 

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy

1.A built-in password manager (which DuckDuckGo claims it plans to add to the mobile app)

  1. The ability to synchronize passwords


4.Bookmarks from other browsers, and its Smarter Encryption function, which recommends you to sites that employ encrypted HTTPS connections more frequently. 

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DuckDuckGo also claims to keep your bookmarks, history, and passwords locally, and that the corporation has no access to this data.  

DuckDuckGo for Mac doesn’t fork an existing browser like Chrome. It’s built off of the rendering engine used by Safari, also known as WebKit. 

As a result, DuckDuckGo claims that its browser is quicker than Chrome “on some graphical performance” as evaluated by the MotionMark 1.2 benchmark

It also said that it consumes 60% less data than Chrome (which we all know is a RAM hog). 

“Aside from rendering, everything of the code is ours – developed by DuckDuckGo developers with privacy, security, and simplicity in mind,” the company says. 

DuckDuckGo’s senior director of product, Beah Burger-Lenehan, states in the post.

“We don’t have the cruft and clutter that has gathered in browsers over the years, both in code and design, offering you a modern appearance and feel and speedier speed.”  

To join the browser waitlist, download (or update) the DuckDuckGo mobile app. Then go to Settings and choose DuckDuckGo for Desktop from the Privacy section. 

You’ll have to wait for the app to send you a message with an invite code.

Then, link to download the browser on your Mac.

It claims it is now accepting beta testers in waves. 

DuckDuckGo said an app for Windows will be coming soon.

This will be created using the operating system’s default Chromium-based Edge renderer.

DuckDuckGo also aims to introduce its browser to Linux in the future, it is largely focused on Windows and Mac.  

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