EFCC vows to fight internet scammers

EFCC money Laundering

This gang of young males, known in Nigeria as Yahoo-boys, defrauds both Nigerians and foreigners through different internet schemes. 

The danger has become so ubiquitous that the arrest and prosecution of suspects has been a key preoccupation of the EFCC in recent years. 

Many of the accused have been apprehended by the EFCC, who have displayed them with the charms they have been captured with throughout the years. They’ve been accused of ritual murder by some of them.  

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the anti-corruption commission declared that anybody caught in such conduct would face serious consequences. 

“Yahoo employees are becoming more spiritual, even performing money rituals on a regular basis. We’ll go after such individuals and inform them that things won’t always be the same”. 

“We will not back down from our assault on yahoo-yahoo, yahoo-plus, or any other name for it. If you don’t want to give up, then don’t. The Eagle will be able to contact you at any time and from any location.” 

The EFCC also advised anyone involved in such a crime to “surrender or surrender,” implying that whoever was responsible would face serious consequences.  

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