Food people think shouldn’t be edible

Food Lifestyle

On the topic of food lifestyle, there are great foods and there are foods that don’t fit to be classified under edible foods. Some people are very picky and choosy with food and trust me it is very ok if you fit into such a category. Yeah, call it weird, or anything but people are really allowed to have choices of what to eat and what not to eat.

We spoke with a few Nigerians, and we got some feedback on food people to classify inedible.



HA! Onions: I have always wondered why people think onion is an essential ingredient of cooking, left for me I wouldn’t want to have it in any of meal. I hate when I pay for a portion of food at an eatery, and I see those big sliced onions. I am like guys, not everyone would want visible onions in their food at least cut them in tiny pieces.”


“I love noodles way too much. It is one food lifestyle, I don’t see myself stopping. I could have that every day in a month and still don’t get tired. As a noodle lover, I find people who have onions in their noodles a weird specie, like you just got a wholesome delicacy changed. Yeah, onion does that to noodles: changes the taste. I am not about to go on a suicide mission.”


“I think tea is a better option of drink than coffee, while I understand it can help you stay awake, it is kind of nauseating and gives me this headache. As a medical practitioner, I don’t think I need a drink that ruins my day. It should be used to repel reptiles; as manures for farmlands; cleaning agents; exfoliation of skin; anything asides being made a drink.”


“People who take bitter leaf soup should be placed side by side with an extreme cultist. It’s like being in a locked-up space and deciding that the dungeon is better to space. For Christ’s sake, bitter leaf is a hard soup to swallow. I really can’t with people like that. Life shouldn’t be that hard. Allow yourself to enjoy good things. Not the best Food lifestyle for me”


“Goat meat. Ha!! I don’t know why a lot of people are mad about this, but I am here still wondering what is so good about goat meat. Like c’mon are you seriously eating goat meat? I don’t even like being around a place where goat meat is been cooked. The smell gets me throwing up. Don’t tell me I am missing because there’s nothing to miss about it and I totally love this energy. It is so bad that once I taste a portion of food, I immediately know it is prepared with goat meat water, my system immediately throws out the food and whatever hunger I have prior to the meal getting served just wears off almost immediately. I love how my system respects orders without being told.”


“I was told that when I was a child, I would cry when served pap and most times throw up the food. My dear mother trained me with tea and ComPlan. It got to a stage that she had to deceive me to drink pap. She would make mine so watery and add Milo to it, that way I would think I was drinking tea. I remember while growing up, I saw pap as a punishment. I still do, in fact, I not only hate pap but I also don’t like custard or oat.”

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