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I Want to Act in Nollywood Movies – Dave Chappelle

American Comedy legend, Dave Chappelle is in awe of how Nollywood filmmakers churn out movies with little resources. He has been watching Nollywood movies and wants to act in one of the movies in his next career move. Chappelle made this known during his appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast when he was asked if he would consider acting again. “I have this weird idea. I want to go to Africa and do some of these Nollywood movies,” Dave Chappelle said. “I’ve been watching them, and how people can solve problems with so few resources. This is what these African directors are like. The movies look crazy but it’s funny how crazy they look.

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“But it is also inspiring because I can’t believe this guy with no resources solve complicated filmmaking problems with this type of ingenuity because they had to. “What if there is a reputable American star to apply these tricks too? “I come with this funny; you just give that look. Don’t you worry, it’s all going to work out? “I want to do that; I want just to see what’s popping over there. Africa is popping right now.” Asked if he has an idea of a script for the movie, Chappelle said he doesn’t need one because it does seem that these Nollywood movies are acted out with scripts. “I don’t know that I need one. You have to see one of these movies to see what I’m talking about,” he said. “It’s like something about it makes me feel joyful when I watch it.” Chappelle has been a fan of the African culture and also has plans to perform in Africa.



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