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Indigenous Nigerian(s) who did it first

First Indigenous Nigerian man to import a car to Nigeria: Candido Da Rocha. Rocha was born in Brazi. He was said to have brought the first automobile to Nigeria.

First Indigenous Nigerian woman to drive a car: Chief Funmilayo Ransome Kuti. Funmi was the first woman in Africa to drive an automobile, according to records.

First indigenous automobile manufacturing company in Nigeria: Innoson motors owned by Innocent Chukwuma.

The First Nigerian to receive an Olympic gold medal: Chioma Ajunwa. Chioma won the Olympic gold in 1996

First indigenous practising Nigeria medical doctor: William Broughton Davies was qualified as a medical doctor in 1858.

Nigeria First indigenous female doctor: Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi

The First Nigeria pilot: Chinyere Kalu. Chinyere is the first Nigerian commercial pilot and also the first woman to fly an aircraft in Nigeria.

First Nigeria to win the Miss World crown: Agbani Darego. Agbani is the only Nigeria that has won the Miss World. She is also the first African to win the Miss world

Nigeria first Nobel prize winner: Wole Soyinka

First Nigeria to win a Grammy award: Sade Adu an award-winning singer/ songwriter. She won her first Grammy in 1986.



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