Nigeria: Air Peace Apologizes for Flight Delays to Passengers

air peace

Air Peace has apologized to passengers for flight delays, conceding that customers come first, but insisting that no matter what, the airline would never compromise on safety standards. 

The airline stated this in a statement explaining that while airlines do not profit from flight delays or cancellations, such delays are caused mostly by safety concerns. 

The airline also stated that it has contacted numerous passengers whose flights have been delayed recently, as it understands their frustrations.  

It went on to say that a recent incidence of a disgruntled passenger, which went viral on social media, was caused by terrible weather and unexpected aircraft breakdowns on the Sokoto, Akure, Ibadan, and Kano routes. 

“Our attention has been raised to a social media post in which a disgruntled client whose flight was delayed referred to Air Peace as a vicious operator, among other disparaging statements”. 

“First and first, we would want to express our sincere apologies to all of our customers, including this specific passenger, who may have suffered flight delays on the day in question, as well as at any other time throughout our operations, for any difficulty they may have had. When such events occur, we feel their anguish”.  

“As a responsible organization, and in accordance with business ethics, Air Peace would generally reach out to unsatisfied consumers at any time to pacify them, whether or not we are at fault. This is exactly what we’ve done. We think that the customer is king. Such gestures are never an admission of guilt, but rather an acknowledgment that one’s clients must be satisfied. It’s never done out of a sense of dread”.  

“Flight delays and cancellations help no airline under the sun.” Rather than anything else, flight delays are mostly caused by safety concerns. We would want to reaffirm our commitment to zero tolerance for risky operations. Air Peace will never fly when it is hazardous to do so due to purposeful negative comments, intimidation, or blackmail, nor will we take to the skies to appear good when it is absolutely unsafe to do so due to fear of unwanted publicity from anybody or quarter.  

“Flights are delayed due to a variety of causes outside the airline’s control, including but not limited to inclement weather, unexpected aircraft malfunctions, and so on. We encountered terrible weather on the day in question, which resulted in flight cancellations and unexpected aircraft breakdowns during and in the middle of operations. We suffered weather-related aircraft delays at Sokoto, Akure, Ibadan, and Kano. These causes resulted in several delays and cancellations, which the airline had not anticipated. It occurs all around the globe “, according to the airline.  

Air Peace reaffirmed that it would never put its passengers’ lives in jeopardy by flying a malfunctioning plane, and it also defended the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), claiming that the body is effectively regulating the industry and that airlines follow best safety measures. 

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