Nigeria: Religious Leader, United States Consulate launch anti-corruption website  


The United States Consulate and Religious Leaders have launched an anti-corruption website. The US government has pledged to fund anti-corruption programs and joint efforts to combat graft as part of its commitment to zero tolerance for corruption. 

The US Consulate General in Nigeria, in conjunction with the Inter-Religious Coalition Against Corruption in Nigeria, established, a web-based service that leverages people’ involvement in the fight against corruption. 

The Inter-Religious Coalition Against Corruption in Nigeria, led by Bishop Emmanuel Gospel Isong and Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem Majemu, was founded in 2016 by Muslim and Christian religious leaders with the primary goal of addressing how faith communities could play a leading role in anti-corruption advocacy in Nigeria.  

Participants were given a guided presentation of the platform during the session. Political, traditional, and religious leaders, law enforcement personnel, judicial officers, and civil society groups also reaffirmed their commitment to fighting corruption. puts the authority to expose corruption in the hands of the Nigerian people, according to US Consul General Claire Pierangelo, who spoke during the website’s debut in Lagos.  

Pierangelo asked Nigerians to embrace the creative online platform to show their commitment to the battle against corruption by using it to address the daily incidents of corruption that millions of Nigerians confront.  

“Corruption is not only a major concern in Nigeria, but it is also a top priority for the Biden Administration in terms of national security, adding that growth and development, consistent with Nigeria’s richness and strength, rely on a new narrative and a culture where corruption has no place.” Pierangelo said. 

Pierangelo expressed confidence that the new project will allow Nigerians afflicted by corruption to tell their stories, igniting a new wave of citizen participation in the battle against the plague that has strangled the country’s growth and prosperity. 

The US adopts an all-government strategy to battling through a variety of organizations, including the US Department of State and the US Agency for International Development.  

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