Nigeria: Representatives declare state of emergency due to ritual killings


The House of Representatives has decided to declare a national emergency in Nigeria because of ritual killings. 

He requested that stakeholders and the media work with the National Guidance Agency (NOA) to launch a campaign to improve the country’s position. 

He also urged Usman Alkali, the Inspector General of Police, to take immediate measures to stop ritual killings across the country. 

This came after Deputy Minority Leader Toby Okechukwu (Enugu, PDP) of the House of Representatives made a motion warning of an increase in ritual-related deaths across the country.  

Okechukwu accused Nigerian movies, also known as Nollywood, for the rise in ritual killings in his urgent public importance motion filed on Wednesday. 

While people in other nations embrace science and technology, Mr. Okechukwu claims that young Nigerians turn to ritual murder. 

“While young people in other parts of the world embrace science and technology as a way to keep up with our rapidly changing world, some of our young people appear to be stuck in the mistaken belief that sacrificing human blood is the surest path to wealth, security, and protection,” he said.  

“Ritual murder has become such a common topic in most home movies that, if left unchecked, our younger generation may begin to regard it as an acceptable standard,” Okechukwu continued.  

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