Nnamdi Kanu case: New evidence surfaces

Nnamdi Kanu

On Wednesday, Prince Kanu Meme, one of Nnamdi Kanu’s siblings and the head of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, stated that there is a “new evidence” in Nnamdi Kanu case at the court 

According to Meme, Kanu “is still officially in Kenya based on fresh information.” 

He didn’t go into detail about “the fresh evidence,” which is tied to Kanu’s detention and return from Kenya. 

The IPOB leader is thought to have been detained in Kenya in June of last year. 

Kanu was jailed in Kenya for eight days before being repatriated to Nigeria, where Nnamdi Kanu case was reopened before the Federal High Court of Nigeria, which is overseen by Justice Binta Nyako.

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Kanu was slapped with terrorism-related allegations upon his return. 

The federal government has charged Kanu with 15 counts of terrorism. 

He pled not guilty to the accusations and requested that the Federal High Court in Abuja release and acquit him without a trial, claiming that the charges were not worth defending. 

“Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still officially in Kenya from the latest proof,” Meme stated in a Facebook post.  

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