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Obasanjo urges Nigerian youths to seize power as soon as possible

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has urged Nigerian youths to grab power immediately rather than leaving the country in the hands of people who are causing problems. 

As part of the celebrations marking his 85th birthday celebration, Obasanjo presented 85 tricycles to youths from throughout the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).  

The former President Obasanjo urges Nigerian youths to seize power as soon as possible ,he also stated that youths should help to tackle the nation’s myriad difficulties. 

The former President, who is known for his ‘OBJ @85 Free Keke Programme,’ urged the youths to reject the cliché that “youths are the leaders of tomorrow.” 

Obasanjo believes that now is the time for youths to seize the chances that are available to them in order to improve their life.  

He said if the youths flee Nigeria and leave the country in the hands of people messing it up, there will nothing for the younger generation tomorrow. 

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He said, “The first thing we want to prove is that there are opportunities galore in this country. Yes, things are not what they should be but you as youths, individually and collectively, must make up your mind. Make contributions in order to make things the way they should be. 

“If you leave things to those who are messing it up for you and who are saying you are the leaders of tomorrow, you will never have that tomorrow. Today is your day.” 

“Then the third point is; yes, sometimes you may get people who would help you and at times, you may not even get who would help you. You must remember God has given you innate ability to be what He wants you to be and if you make up your mind on what you want to be, God will help you and He will provide those people who would help you to reach the sky which should be your limit,” Obasanjo added. 

Source: Twitter




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