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Positive News: Study Reveals that Starchy Green Bananas May Lower Risk of Cancer   

Recent Study Reveals that Starchy Green Bananas May Lower Risk of Cancer. 

A recent study revealed that a variety of foods can considerably lower the risk, which is excellent news for those who have an inherited risk of cancer.

The study, which also involved 1000 individuals with the genetic disorder Lynch syndrome, revealed that meals including cereals, oats, and even green bananas can assist with resistant starch levels.  

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The study also conducted over six years and, with the exception of bowel cancers, most other cancers affected by a regular dose of resistant fiber.

According to PA Media, the researchers hope the results will also continue for about 10 years even after a person stops getting fiber in their diet. 

Cancer Prevention Research

The study, published in Cancer Prevention Research, was led by researchers from the Universities of Newcastle and Leeds. John Mathers, professor of human nutrition at Newcastle University, led the study and was quite confident in the results it produced.  

“We found that resistant starch reduced the range of cancers by more than 60%. The effect was most noticeable in the upper intestine. This is important as upper GI cancers are difficult to diagnose and often do not come detected early, “he explained according to the PA Media report. 

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Resistant starch also taken as a powdered supplement and is found naturally in peas, beans, oats and other starchy foods.

The dose used in the test is equivalent to eating one banana a day; before they get too ripe and soft, Starchy Green Bananas resists breaking down and reaches the intestines where it can change the type of bacteria that live there,” he said while explaining their findings.  


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