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Products That Can Be Both Harmful To The Skin And Skin-Bleaching

Skin bleaching is the process of using products to make dark areas of the skin lighter or to lighten the entire complexion.

Most Skin-bleaching/toning agents have harmful effects on the skin.

Here are a few Skin-Bleaching products you need to be wary of: 


It is a very good product for dealing with hyperpigmentation, but it can also cause great damage when used wrongly. Many people who want to have lighter skins do not do proper research on how a product should be used. 

Wrong use of hydroquinone can cause an IRREVERSIBLE condition known as OCHRONOSIS. It is advisable to use 2%-4% of hydroquinone when treating hyperpigmentation. Apply only on the affected area and not the whole body. Hydroquinone can cause kidney damage, hence it is advisable to use at max 3 months then take a break. 

Kojic Acid 

2-4% of kojic acid is the recommended percentage good for the skin. Anything above can cause sunburn and contact dermatitis (rashes, dry and itchy skin). Why add raw kojic acid in your creams?? definitely not a good idea. 

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Always look out for the ingredient list before buying any products. Steroids like hydrocortisone, betamethasone etc. when used on a long term can increase skin infection and poor wound healing.   Amaka’s body seems to be glowing does not mean you should jump on what she is using. Is she using the right product? Is she using it correctly?. If you truly love your body, do not abuse steroids. 

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Most bleaching creams contain mercury. Mercury is very harmful to the body and can cause Nephrotic syndrome (kidney damage). When you come across any cream that contains mercurous chloride, calomel, mercuric, run as fast as your legs can carry you. 

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