Signs You’re in a Situational Relationship, Not a Relationship


Situationship! No one wants to stay to anyone these days, therefore this form of definition-free relationship is becoming increasingly common. This type of connection differs from ‘friends with benefits,’ in which two individuals meet together and have a brief talk about their lives.

There is greater interaction and communication when it comes to situationship, which makes things dreamy. It may be described as a period of transition for two individuals as they get to know each other better before committing to each other.

So, how can you tell whether you’re in a situational relationship?

Here are indicators that you’re on the situationship

Situationship! This type of definition-free relationship is becoming more frequent these days as no one wants to stay committed to anyone anymore. This kind of relationship is different from ‘friends with benefits’ where two people just hook up with a minimal conversation about each other’s life.

When it comes to ‘situationship’ there is more connection and conversation that kind of make things gloomy. We can say it is a transitional phase for two people as they get to know each other better before they stay committed to each other.

So how do you know you are in a situationship?

Signs You Are In A Situationship

  • There is no progress

When it comes to relationships, there are certain stages you’ll reach and you should see growth. You have dinners together, share a Saturday night, meet friends, spend time on calls and chat, share a holiday, become exclusive, and say your first “I love you” and other kinds of stuff like that. When these do not occur, that is a red flag.

  • You are not part of each other’s life

As you become a couple with someone, you go to their favorite places together. You visit them and meet their friend. Go to their favorite restaurant. Spend time with people they care about. You are shown and mentioned on their social media. When these integrations do not take place, it’s a sign that things are not moving towards a deeper more meaningful relationship.

  • There will be no more future discussion

Organizing for the future is a typical aspect of a relationship, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, planning a trip, or introducing you to a friend who will be in town. If they don’t tell you about upcoming events that they want you to attend, it’s a hint that they don’t expect you to stick around in the future. They’re probably looking at you as if you’re a banana peel. Consume and discard.

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  • You haven’t had the DTR (define the relationship) discussion

Every connection reaches a point where it must be defined at some time. Are you dating anybody else? Do you have emotions romantically? Or think monogamy is a good idea? Do you desire exclusivity? Most individuals want to avoid having this talk for as long as they can. It’s odd when you’ve been dating for three to six months and no one has brought this up. It’s not a good indication, and if you want to transform your situationship into a true relationship, you might have to start the dialogue yourself.

  • There is no proof that you are a pair

His or her circle of friends has never heard of you. His or her family is completely unaware of your existence. There’s no trace of you on his/her social media, and he/she hasn’t even added you to WhatsApp. It’s understandable in the start of a relationship, but it becomes a relevant signal of where you stand after a while.

  • You are frequently worried or bored

When you don’t have regular dates, phone calls, or text messages, the irregularity might wear you down and make you feel nervous. Also, when you only hang around at one other’s houses with no romance, boredom might set in.

  • The convention is superficial

When things stay at a surface level that shows that the person is not taking the time to get to know you or share parts of themselves with you. Without connection, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy things cannot progress. These are the foundations for connection and meaningful romantic relationships.

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  • They don’t call or text you

Fine, they might be busy with work and other activities and might even have the time to call or text. But when you like someone, you will always find that little time to drop something like a call or text on WhatsApp. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a long convo it may be short and precise. So, if you notice they don’t make the slightest effort to call or text you, then you’ve got a red flag.

Do not worry now. Circumstances can work in some cases. Both parties must share the same interests and be on the same page. If you’re getting frustrated, it might be time to have a DTR (define your relationship) conversation. You will never know unless you ask.

Relationships are not always a terrible thing. They are ideal for those who are not ready to commit to a perfect relationship but still want to connect emotionally and physically.

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