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Staying at the helm of Meta for years ‘makes sense,’ – Clegg

Even when the founders of many internet businesses pass off to fresh blood, Mark Zuckerberg’s presence at the head of Facebook parent Meta for “many, many years” would be completely normal.

This was released by his global relations director told AFP. 

With the revelation of Sheryl Sandberg’s retirement as the company’s number two after 14 years, succession at the mega-corporation.

While the creators of Amazon, Twitter, and Google have all moved on, Zuckerberg has shown no signs of relinquishing control, despite widespread criticism over privacy breaches and the widespread dissemination of disinformation on Facebook.  

“Now as Meta rolls out its plans for the metaverse — the immersive virtual world that it considers the future of the internet — there’s no reason for the 38-year-old to go anywhere anytime soon”

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“It’s a multi-year project and Mark Zuckerberg would want to continue, to build this new chapter of the company”

That will also last for many years, many years,” 

“He is the founder of Meta, but also the architect of the new chapter, of this construction, of these augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.” 

However, Facebook bought virtual reality headset maker Oculus in 2014 and launched a social VR platform. 

The technology has taken off in the gaming industry, and become popular among players of Fortnite and Roblox. 

However, Clegg, said the metaverse promised great opportunities in the fields of education, medicine and entertainment. 

Teachers can take their students on a virtual trip through ancient Greece, and medics can learn sophisticated surgical techniques. 

And, he said, as hardware improves, the need for specialist equipment will diminish. 

“In years to come, people will be able to access these new technologies through their phones,” he said. 

“We are exploring how we can increase access to everyone and not just people who can afford the latest hardware.” 




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