Tackling Insecurity: Soludo Has Done a Lot, Has More To Offer

Tackling Insecurity: Soludo Has Done a Lot, Has More To Offer

Tackling the problem of insecurity in Anambra state is a primary concern for the administration of Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo.

Before Soludo’s Administration

The state was terrorized by criminals of all kinds for a long time before he was elected governor of the state on November 6, 2021, leading to the declaration of some sections as no-go zones. Candidates from different political parties were unable to campaign in some places even during the elections out of fear of criminals.  

In most communities, especially in the Anambra South Senatorial zone, criminals collected dues or payments from locals as settlements to be able to hold any social functions, including burials, weddings, housewarmings, and others. To keep the road free for invited guests, celebrants were made to pay money, with strict instruction not to let security forces attend.

In some of the communities, youths fled to avoid being conscripted forcefully into their gangs by the criminals, while these dare-devil criminals set up camps in bushes where they always take kidnapped victims, while they await the payment of ransom for their release. They also set up shrines in such places, where they fortify themselves for their operations. The host communities are not their only targets, from such camps, the criminals occasionally move into busy towns like Nnewi, Ekwulobia, Ihiala and other urban places to strike and return. 

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Upon his swearing in on 17th March, 2022, Soludo extended a hand of fellowship to all Anambra people, including criminal elements, granting them amnesty. He also urged everyone living in the bushes to come out as anyone carrying arms and living in any bush in Anambra will be deemed a criminal, and would be dealt with. The grace period for the amnesty expired with criminal activities still on the high. 

Anambra Insecurity

Such Anambra insecurity activities which included robbery, car snatching, kidnapping for ransom and sometimes outright killing of innocent people were mostly carried out on Sundays and Mondays, even though other days of the week were not exempted. This was interpreted by many as a way of forcing people to continually observe the Monday sits at home exercise, as previously declared by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). 

Anambra Security Today 

Anambra State is progressively taken back from criminals by Soludo. Joint security forces have eliminated criminal elements in a number of operations around the state, killing some of them and arresting a large number of others.

As normalcy gradually returns to Anambra state, the state police command has also expressed happiness about the response of members of communities in giving out information. 

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Already, there are testimonies of the return of normalcy in the state. Meanwhile, Soludo is fast gaining the confidence of the people again.

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