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US to begin ‘no-interview’ visa renewal in Nigeria

US to begin ‘no-interview’ visa renewal in Nigeria

The US Mission in Nigeria has announced the launch of a no-interview visa renewal program. 

Following the initiative’s launch, it will be evaluated based on fraud and workload factors before possible scaling and expansion, which will begin in Lagos this month. 

According to a statement on the US mission’s official website, the initiative is part of the mission’s ongoing commitment to expand and innovate consular services despite the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The United States Mission in Nigeria will expand visa services to assist non-immigrant visa applicants in Nigeria who are eligible to renew their visa.” 

“This new application procedure will begin in February at the US Consulate in Lagos and will be extended to the US Embassy in Abuja shortly thereafter.”  

“The number of qualified applicants who can apply using the new procedures will be limited at first,” according to a statement on the US Embassy’s website. 

Application for a B1/B2, F, M, J (academic only), H, L, or C1/D (combined only) visa is required to qualify for the non-interview visa renewal. 

Other conditions are as follows: Your last visa was issued in Nigeria. 

Your previous visa was granted in the same category as your current application. 

Your previous visa had a full validity period and allowed you to enter the country multiple times. 

Your previous visa has either expired within the last 24 months or will expire within the next three months from the date of application; You have all of your passports covering the entire period since the previous visa was issued, as well as the passport with the most recent visa; 

You have never been arrested or convicted of a crime or offense in the United States, even if a waiver or pardon was later granted to you; and You have never worked without authorization or stayed in the United States for longer than your visa allowed. 

Applicants who meet these requirements may begin their application immediately. 

Processing times for the program are expected to be up to two months, during which applicants will be unable to retrieve their passports.  

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