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Waterfalls of Erin-Ijesha, the most popular waterfalls in Nigeria

Waterfalls are wonderful natural works of art. They are renowned for drawing people from all over the world because of the peace and purity they provide. Several of these may be found in Nigeria, including Erin-Ijesha in Osun State, Gurara Falls in Niger State, Farin Ruwa Falls in Nasarawa State, Owu waterfalls in Kwara State, Assop in Plateau State, and many more.

Olumirin waterfall, also known as Erin-Ijesha waterfall, is famous for a variety of reasons. 

Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls (also known as Olumirin Waterfalls may be found in Erin-Ijesha.

It is a tourist attraction in the local government area of Oriade, Osun State, Nigeria.  

Erin-Ijesa is blessed with a beautiful landscape with projecting hills within the range of 1,200 to 1,300 feet above sea level.  

The geographical location of Erin-Ijesha at the foot of Yoruba Hills provides attractive and beautiful scenery looking upwards to the hills, interlocked by rocks and evergreen deciduous forest.

It is also interspersed by big trees like ‘Iroko’, ‘Arere’, ‘Oganwo’, etc; which of course provided opportunities for timber business and saw-milling. 

The area is well-drained by two major rivers, the Oni and the Olumirin.  

The waterfall is one of the most important tourist centres in Osun State.

The epithet of Osun State “Land of the Living Spring” is derived from the waterfalls at Erin-Ijesa and Osun River grove in Osogbo. 

History of Erin-Ijesa  

One of Oduduwa’s daughters discovered the waterfalls around 1140 AD. The Nation, on the other hand, claims that “Olumirin waterfall was found by hunters in 1140 AD.” 

According to another story, the tourist spot was discovered during the migration of the Ife people to Erin-Ijesa by a woman named Akinla. Akinla is a granddaughter of Oduduwa and the founder of the Erin-Ijesha town  

The fall has seven levels, the highest of which is the settlement of Abake.  

The Erin Ijesha Waterfalls is a popular excursion point for schools around the vicinity.

The natives regard the waterfall as a sacred site and a means of purifying their souls. Festivals were formerly celebrated and sacrifices were performed at the site. 

Seven falls in Erin-Ijesha 

The Erin Ijesha waterfall is the epitome of natural beauty. There are seven cliff steps and three waterfalls at the Erin Ijesha waterfalls.

The seventh level of the cliff does not have a waterfall, although it does hold the waterfall’s source. Every second spent at this waterfall is worthwhile. 

The Olumirin waterfalls include seven falls, each with a unique perspective.

The waterfall creates a vast pool of water on the ground, surrounded by vegetation. The steps necessary to move to the next level are not specified.

Climbing the waterfalls is a difficult endeavour, but it is worthwhile since it provides an awe-inspiring experience. Going beyond the climbing third stage may be made into a quest because most individuals are unable to, or do not attempt it.  

When most people start climbing the waterfalls, they start counting from the bottom to the top, which is incorrect.

The first waterfall is at the very top. The second is the biggest, with water cascading down from a 40-meter-high rock. 

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