Why is it so tough to do business in Africa?  

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Domestic constraints as low agricultural output and investment, weak transportation and communications infrastructure, and inefficient customs procedures, continue to impede Africa’s trade competitiveness, as do global trade obstacles.   

Interestingly, there are sector Investment opportunities in Africa; Oil Exploration & Development in Senegal; Gas-Fired Power in Côte d’Ivoire; Infrastructure in Côte d’Ivoire; Mobile Financial Services (MFS) in all of SSA except Angola and Ethiopia; Oil production in Angola; Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in Ethiopia. 

How can Africans profit from the export economy without exporting? 

Exporting is one of the world’s oldest and most profitable industries. Exporting commodities/products across countries may be profitable. It’s fantastic for Africans.   

Here are some suggestions about how to get about it:   

Begin a blog about exporting 

Writing about export is a profitable company and can be started with little money. Individuals and corporations in the export sector can benefit from the advice and information provided by export bloggers. You can establish a wide range of audience by delivering high-quality content that motivates people to act.  

Create an exporter coaching program 

Exporters benefit from coaching programs that teach them company-specific abilities, flexibility and good management. Africans with extensive experience in the export industry might make a fortune by establishing a tutoring program.  

Also Read 10 Africa’s top international airports according to recent rankingEstablished exporters benefit from coaching programs that keep them up to date on the current developments in the export market.  

Create an export haulage firm  

Haulage businesses that provide logistical services to exporters make a good living. These haulage firms’ handles storage, inventory management, clearance, packing, and transportation.  

By focusing on exporters, Africans may make lots of money with a haulage firm. You can launch a haulage firm to assist exporters in moving goods from point of purchase to point of dispatch.   

Start a business counselling service for exporters  

Export business advisors assist exporters in making the best decisions for their company’s success.  

Many export advisors get the paperwork required to transport goods in and out of nations. In exchange, they receive payment from you. By creating an export business consultancy firm, they may turn their expertise and skills into income.   

Become an export company broker 

An export broker is a middleman who connects the exporter and the importer. Export brokers earn commissions by connecting importers with local merchants. In any country, an export brokerage finds foreign distributors for a variety of products. You can generate money outside of Africa without having to cross national borders.   

Analyst for international market research  

These analysts research market trends and assist organizations in efficiently communicating with their target audiences.  

Many exporters struggle to find profitable international markets, and Africans may profit by giving solutions. Many exporters rely on inaccurate data, resulting in significant losses, which are solved by trained Africans.   



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