Yvonne Nelson shares her thoughts about flaunting one’s relationship on the internet


Yvonne Nelson, a Ghanaian actress and model, shared her thought about flaunting one’s relationship on the internet. She also confessed that she hasn’t had sex in two years. 

The actress claimed during an interview on Kingdom + FM in Accra that finding love in Ghana has been difficult. 

“Finding love in this nation is pretty tough, Ghanaian males despise me. I’ve met a couple of individuals who I liked, but they didn’t believe it when I told them, “She remarked. 

Nelson also stated that she has lost interest in seeking love and has not had a sexual connection with anybody in the last two years due to her self-control.  

“After a year, I went straight without it,” she said during the interview. When it comes to it, I have self-control. Even if I wish I did, I don’t have a love interest.” 

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Yvonne Nelson has a five-year-old daughter from her previous relationship with Jamie Roberts, a British photographer. 

Her confession comes after she provided dating advice on her verified Twitter account about flaunting relationships online. 

While discussing the pros and cons of publicizing one’s relationship on the internet. The actress added her two cents on the subject, stating that such activities frequently result in a relationship ending sooner. 

Giving her opinion via her verified Twitter account, the screen diva noted that once a person starts to show off their relationship on social media, people begin to meddle in their private lives. 

She said, “My observation… a relationship will end if it has to but flaunting it on social media just speeds up the process (all the side chicks will come flying around and the gossip association will hold their weekly meeting for your sake) happy weekend guys.” 


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