10 Safest Friendly 2021 Tourist Countries in Africa

Seychelles tour - safest countries in Africa

Are you looking for the safest countries in Africa to tour in 2021?

Tourism is usually accompanied by risk, and while travelling to Africa may appear unsettling due to negative media portrayal, it is important to note that there are lots of safe locations to tour in Africa.

Contrary to western belief, Africa is not a single country. It is a collection of 54 countries to be exact. Many African countries are safer than people might imagine.  

If you love culture and lifestyle, there are hundreds of delectable dishes to try, and historical sites to visit. Tourists are generally treated with kindness and hospitality by Africans. 

Hardly anything equates to the vast beauty of African landscapes, the wildlife, and beautiful nature scattered across the continent, or the enormous melting pot of culture that blends across borders. Africa is a magnificent continent full of adventure and history that qualifies several African countries to be included on your bucket list. 

So, if you are looking for the safest places to visit in Africa?  or the most tourist-friendly country in Africa? Look no further, as I’ve put together a solid list of tourist-friendly and safe African destinations for your Wishlist! 

1. Rwanda  

Rwanda is arguably the safest country in Africa. The World Economic Forum ranked the country as the 9th safest country in the world in 2017, ahead of Portugal, New Zealand, Sweden and Spain. 

Rwanda is also considered one of the cleanest countries in Africa. The legislators in Rwanda ensure that it is the government’s responsibility to protect human rights among all the inhabitants of its country. That basically means that Rwandans see all people as one, be they, citizens or visitors. 

There are 164 Rwanda tours you can pick from to suit your budget. 

When is it right to visit Rwanda? June to September is the best time, though you can travel to tropical Rwanda at any time. 


  • Rwandan law requires that anyone traveling to the country holds health insurance; so make sure that you have yours organized before arriving. 
  • While violent crime is very rare, pickpockets can be active in larger, more crowded areas. 
  • The Rwandan genocide is a very sensitive topic and should not be spoken about in a dismissive or offensive manner. 


2. Morrocco 

Morocco is prime territory for trekking and other outdoor activities such as riding camels and camping in the desert. Morocco is widely known for its magnificent dessert. Other fun activities might include quad-biking and sandboarding. Morocco is one of the safest tourists friendly places in Africa. 

It is a relatively safe place to travel but tourists have to be cautious of pickpocketers and scammers. 

According to Human Rights Watch, the North African country is however not a safe destination for LGBTQIA+ travellers who might wish to openly express their affection by kissing or holding hands in public. 

When is it right to visit Morrocco? Morocco gets blazing hot over the summer, so visit in April/May or September/October for some relief from the heat. 


  • While violent crime is very rare in Morocco, there is a fair amount of petty crime. The trick is to remain vigilant to avoid pickpockets and aware of potential scams. 
  • Morocco is a Muslim state and fairly conservative. Be sure to dress conservatively in order to respect their culture, especially if you are a woman. 
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices. Haggling and bargaining is the way that the locals do business. 


3. Botswana 

Botswana has one of the lowest crime rates on the continent. It is also sparsely populated. Botswana is well known as one of the top safari destinations in Africa so you’ll spot a wide variety of wildlife on your trip. The country has a booming travel industry.  

Natural landscapes and incredible terrain are among other spectacular and iconic things to see that this great country has to offer. With as many as 289 safari tours in Botswana, there is something for everyone regardless of your budget. From a luxury to a budget-friendly tour, Botswana has it all! 

When is it right to visit Botswana? You can visit the country during the dry months of May to October or during the green season of December to March 


  • Malaria exists in Botswana, particularly the northern regions. A medical consultation is advised six to eight weeks before arriving in Botswana to find out more about recommended vaccinations. 
  • Avoid driving outside of towns at night as the roads tend to be badly lit. 
  • Weather conditions can be extreme so be sure to do your homework on the Botswana climate before arriving. 

4. Namibia 

Namibia is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. It is also considered one of the safest countries in Africa. Namibia boasts of mountains of red and orange dunes making up the view for miles and miles all around.  

With lots of deserts and sand dunes for desert racing activities, it is exhilarating to visit Namibia. There are a number of 193 tours you can indulge yourself in. 

When is it right to visit Namibia? The weather is fairly consistent all year and there’s nowhere near as much rain as in other Southern African countries. For Etosha wildlife viewing, visit in the dry winter season from July to October. 


  • As in most cities, petty crime does exist, so be sure to use precautionary measures when visiting the likes of Windhoek, for example, don’t leave valuables lying unattended in the backseat of your car. 
  • When traveling across the country, be sure to stay clear of Sperrgebiet which is the prohibited diamond area. 
  • While in the desert, be aware of the potential of insect bites and avoid turning rocks under which scorpions or snakes could be hiding. Although, being bitten by these creatures are a rare occurrence. 


5. Mauritius 

The subtropical island country in the Indian Ocean is the tourist destination of choice for many around the world and a popular honeymoon target. It is also one of the safest countries to visit in Africa. 

Mauritius is a multiracial country where people speak Urdu, Hindi, English, French, and Spanish. Mauritius has a low poverty rate.  

The country is famed for its beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and easy, relaxed vibe. Whether you’re single, coupled or a family, you are certain to feel welcome and comfortable in this charming multicultural vacation spot. 

When is it right to visit Mauritius? This is dependent on your choice, May to November are the driest and coolest months. December to April is hot and humid, with most rain falling between January and March. 


  • Take normal safety precautions such as not walking alone after dark, locking your valuables in your hotel room or somewhere safe 
  • Be very cautious of theft when staying at beachside bungalows 


6. Seychelles 

Seychelles has always been considered a very safe destination for travellers and one of the safest countries in Africa.  The epitome of paradise, Seychelles is the perfect destination for a tranquil and tropical beach escape and a tourist-friendly place in Africa. 

The remote destination is very popular as a romantic escape for honeymoons and couple retreats. 

With a collection of 115 islands, take your pick from paradise and begin planning your trip as this might just be the safest country to visit in Africa in 2021! 

When is it right to visit Seychelles? April/May and October/November are best, outside the rainy seasons and when underwater visibility is best. 


  • While there is little to no violent crime in Seychelles, always be aware of where you keep your valuables. Normal precautions are advised. 
  • The mountainous roads are narrow and winding. It is important to drive very carefully along these roads, especially after a storm when the roads can be slippery. 
  • Beaches do not show swimming safety and it is wise to not assume that the waters are safe. Always keep an eye out for younger swimmers and if possible, ask a local about the currents in the area. 


7. Ethiopia 

Ethiopia is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa. The country has many cities which are comparatively safer than many others in Africa. 

Tourists can visit palaces, castles and churches with ancient and unique architecture, as well as tribes of the Omo valley whose people paint their bodies with chalk and wear unique attire representing their culture. 

When is it right to visit Ethiopia? The driest months of October to April are best, though the rains that fall from May to September do not particularly hinder travel. 


  • Don’t wear valuable; only take the money you need with you. 
  • Don’t walk after dark, take a taxi instead. 


8. Lesotho 

This little, mountainous country is landlocked within South Africa. Lesotho was also ranked as one of the safest places to visit in Africa by the World Economic Forum. Travellers in Lesotho usually spend most of their time in the rural areas where crime is unusual, making this a destination that will appeal to those specifically looking for safe places to travel in Africa. 

When is it right to visit Lesotho? March/April is cool but pleasant for hiking; June to August is best for skiing. 


  • Don’t walk alone in isolated areas or after dark and avoid driving in rural areas at night.  
  • When driving in urban centres, especially Maseru, keep doors locked, windows shut and valuables out of sight.  
  • Park in well-lit areas and do not pick up strangers. 


9. Kenya 

Kenya is one of the most visited countries in Africa – and for good reason, Kenya is one of the safest places in Africa. Not only is Kenya loved as a top safari destination, but it is also one of the tourist friendliest nations. 

If you want to taste all of Africa in one bite, then Kenya it is! With incredible beaches, outstanding hiking trails, diverse wildlife, and magnificent landscapes, Kenya has it all. 

When is it right to visit Kenya? Wildlife is best viewed from July to October when it’s dry, which also coincides with the wildebeest migration arriving in the Masai Mara. 


  • The food in Kenya can sometimes disagree with foreigners’ stomachs so be sure to always question the food quality 
  • Kenya is a high-risk destination for Malaria so make sure that you are up to date with any required vaccinations before arriving in Kenya. 
  • Stay street smart when in the bigger cities – as you should do whenever traveling. 


10. Mozambique 

There are hardly any negative or worrying news in the media concerning Mozambique, proving it as one of the safest and best countries to visit in Africa.  

Imagine long stretches of paradise beaches, top-class waves for surfing and an authenticity unlike any other and you have Mozambique.  

You’ll get to watch dolphins, whales, and other sea animals, in the wild as you relax and soak up the sun in the beautiful sandy beaches or island-hop from one to another. 

On the South-Eastern coast of Africa, Mozambique is a Portuguese-speaking African country with zestful energy. 

When is it right to visit Mozambique? September and November, when the game viewing is at its best, whale migration can be observed, and the weather is calm and warm 


  • For optimal safety, don’t walk around at night, especially not if you are alone. 
  • The authorities can be corrupt and try to extort money out of you. Make sure that all of your documents are validated and you do not sit on the fence with any of the rules. 
  • Mozambique is a Malaria-affected area and it is highly recommended that you take precautionary medication before arriving. 


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