10 Simple Strategies for Preventing Kidney Damage

Kidney Damage

Kidney Damage is a situation in which the kidneys stop functioning and are unable to balance bodily chemicals, remove waste and excess water from the blood, or eliminate waste from the body.

Waste products and fluid can build up in your body if your kidneys are damaged. This may result in ankle swelling, nausea, weakness, restless sleep, and shortness of breath. If the damage is not treated, it may worsen and eventually cause your kidneys to stop functioning. That’s grave and may even be fatal.  

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Kidney Damage 

The kidneys are very IMPORTANT, once both are permanently damaged, it is nearly impossible to survive unless medicine intervenes (really expensive medical care I must add). The subtlety, complexity, and progressive nature of some of these kidney diseases also compound the problem. However, it is possible to prevent the kidneys from getting damaged, and also possible to slow down the progression to permanent kidney failure if it begins. 

10 Simple Strategies for Preventing Kidney Damage  

I’ve highlighted 10 straightforward, doable, and incredibly gratifying adjustments we can do to save our kidneys in this post:  

Stop Holding Urine for Long Periods

Bacteria in the urinary system will have a chance to thrive if you hold that pee for a long time without urinating. This can harm the kidneys and cause recurring urinary tract infections. So kindly let it out when the next impulse to void arises. 

Drink Enough Water   

The production of urine and the elimination of waste materials might be impacted by dehydration. Additionally, it generates kidney stones, which are awful for kidney function and reduces the amount of blood that reaches the kidneys. According to studies, consuming roughly 2-4 liters of water (8–10 glasses) every day keeps you hydrated.  

Manage Diabetes, Hypertension, and Other Medical Issues 

Uncontrolled medical disorders including hypertension and diabetes mellitus are some of the most prevalent causes of renal failure. If you’re treating these diseases, be sure to take your prescription medications as directed, don’t forget your clinic visits, and keep an eye on your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and kidney function at all times. Take good care of yourself. 

Stop Drinking and Smoking 

Kidney and liver disease are two conditions that can be made more likely by smoking and excessive drinking. You don’t need them to function, so stop right now, I’ll remind you of that. Get assistance and advice from the closest healthcare center if you are battling addiction. 

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Avoid Taking Drugs 

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and certain antibiotics are nephrotoxic and can harm your kidneys if taken indiscriminately. Before taking any medication, it is important (and safe) to always obtain a prescription from qualified medical professionals.   

Treat All Infections Correctly

Please remember to quickly and thoroughly treat all infections, especially urinary tract infections, as they can also harm your kidneys if left untreated. As soon as you have any symptoms, go to a medical center to receive the best care. 

Stop Utilizing Herbal Remedies 

Stop taking herbal medications since they can’t treat everything and are unsafe. The kidneys are particularly susceptible to dangerous substances since they filter every chemical that enters the body (yes, herbal remedies may be really poisonous). 

Reduce Usage of Salt and Processed Sugar 

It is a given that eating a healthy diet is the only option. Like sugar in diabetes, too much dietary salt can cause (and worsen) hypertension, and both can contribute to kidney failure. 

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Regular Exercise and Adequate Rest  

You can stay in shape by exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. It enhances bone and heart health, decreases cholesterol and blood pressure, and guards against insulin resistance.

Boost Vegetable and Fruit Intake 

Consume more vegetables, especially fruit. It will aid in food digestion in your body.  

These can help and prevent Kidney Damage and also beneficial for your general health. 


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