2023: Group approaches City gate, demands on VP Osinbajo’s presidency

Yemi Osinbajo

The Nigerian Youths Decide 2023 youth organization asks for Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to be given the automatic Presidential ticket. 

The group on Thursday storms the FCT City Gate demanding the APC to offer the Vice President an automatic ticket to contest in the 2023 Presidential election. 

According to news reports, the group carried banners with various slogans, including “Man of Integrity,” “The Right Man for the Job,” “Credibility and Good Governance,” and “Youth Friendly,” among others. 

Mr. Makama Paul, Chairman of the organization said that Osinbajo will free Nigeria from slavery, adding that he knows what the country needs and will fulfill his responsibilities.  

“This is the time for a credible, young, talented and visionary individual to take over the mantle of leadership for the economic and Democratic development of the country”. 

“We need a good leader that is ready to help the youth and make sure they are gainfully employed with an interest of development at heart”. 

“It is also time for Nigerians, especially the youths, to plan and secure their future with leadership and empowerment skills for economic development,” he said. 

He also said that meaningful development could only be achieve in an atmosphere of love, peace and unity. 

“With Osinbajo’s extraordinary knowledge, energy, and humility, a better future for Nigeria is achievable,” he further added. 

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Mathew Tanko, a member of the organization, also stated that the group is going on a statewide sensitization trip in order to engage with all significant players. 

Tanko also said that the 2023 elections aren’t just about zoning, but about strong leadership with the potential for unification, long-term success, and development of the country. 

He also states that the organization will mobilize youths throughout the country, State Governors, and former and current National Assembly members to guarantee that Osinbajo is President as the presidential flag-bearer.  


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