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5 Most Popular Dishes In Anambra State – WNTV

Anambra is on the top of the list of eastern states noted for their culinary ability, if not the absolute top. Ndi Anambra, being people of culture, express themselves through the food they consume. Perhaps this list of top Anambra State popular dishes can clarify any doubts you have regarding Anambra’s position in the state’s “food chain.” 

Every traditional event in the state includes a broad variety of local delicacies, the perfume of which hits you before you realize it. Their indigenous spice, ‘Ogili,’ is well-known across Igboland.  

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Popular Dishes In Anambra State  

These are some popular Anambra dishes that we believe you should try. 

Ofe Onugbu  

ofe onugbu

This is one of Anambra State’s most popular soup exports. According to unconfirmed sources, it began with the people of Nnewi in Nigeria. There is no doubt that this soup originated in Anambra, as it appears at every Anambra event.  

Cocoyam, the famed local recipe Ogili, and bitter leaf are the major components in ofe Onugbu.  

Aside from cooking, the bitter leaf is a medicinal leaf.

The Ogili, despite its unpleasant odor, adds a particular flavor to the soup, while the cocoyam acts as a thickening. Ofe Onugbu is a soup that can serve at any time.

Ofe Nsala  

ofe nsala

“Nke a bu nri ndi ogaranya” best describes the cuisine’s class; it’s food for the rich. For those who can afford to cook it, Ofe Nsala is a must-have for many traditional Anambra State events. 

This tasty dish is usually made with fresh catfish, chicken, and utazi. 

It is also known as white soup because, unlike other Igbo soups, no red oil is used in its preparation.  

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Ofe Akwu 

Ofe Akwu 

If you’re acquainted with Banga soup, this is the Igbo version; it’s native to Anambra and Delta states.  

Ofe Akwu is a simple traditional palm fruit concentrate recipe. 

It is known as Banga soup in Delta areas and is usually served with fufu delicacies like as starch, pounded yam, semolina, garri, and cassava fufu. 

In the Eastern area, particularly Anambra, it is known as Ofe Akwu, which translates as Ofe means soup or stew and Akwu means palm fruit, and is mostly used as a stew for boiled white rice, yam, or plantain. 

The palm fruit oil extract used in Banga Soup / Stew is not the same as the red palm oil used in cooking. 



Ukwa is popular across Igboland, but the Anambra way of making it gave it an unique taste. It is a delicious treasure among ndi Anambra, offered to the public.  

Ukwa (African Breadfruit) is a seasonal dish that may be rather expensive if it is not in season. An Ukwa fruit is the size of a watermelon, large, and extremely hard, which is why it is permitted to fall and mature on its own. The breadfruit process is delicate; even though it takes years to fall, it is never forcibly knocked off the tree. 

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Ona is a traditional Igbo yam that is both nourishing and medicinal. It is a yam species with more nutritional content than other regularly used yams; it is high in carbs, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The Anambra people have a unique sauce that transports you back to your roots, made from locally sourced Ugba, palm oil, or potash. This native sauce also distinguishes it as unique and indigenous to Ndi Anambra.  

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