6 Types of Males and their Behavior In Dating Relationships

Types of Males

Most males enjoy the idea of being referred to as Alphas, however, did you know there are other types of males identified in our modern society?  

Back in the day Greek letters were made up to describe male archetypes based on analysis of wild wolves. This brought about the concept of Alpha and Beta males which has stuck around and has been brought into pop culture.  

Types of Males…

In modern times these common male personality types have been from Alphas to Omegas. It is crucial to note that the behavioral traits used to describe males are consistently monitored to reevaluate the spectrum of the male archetypes. One may change personalities over time, and some cases one may fall in between two archetypes. Whichever the case, no personality type is bad, as they are all unique and serve different purposes in our society today. 


Regardless of what archetype you are, this is for you to master and continuously improve yourself and to take full advantage of these traits in your life, career, and relationships. 

In modern times, the types of males list has grown from two to six, and here they are: 

Alpha Males 

If taken to the extreme, Alpha males could be seen as toxic. They are natural leader with a positive mindset. They have huge charisma, dominant and demanding in social interactions. People may see them as egotistic, as they have high levels of self-esteem.  

Alpha males are extroverted, the popular “bad boy” – a man’s man type of guy. They engage in high-risk activities and are very competitive in all aspects of their lives – career, relationships, and business. They thrive on conflicts and challenges, and aggressive and confident. 

Beta Males 

While Beta here does not mean Better, Beta males are said to be generally admired by everyone, as most people have no issues with them. However, they seem to get a bad rep from the media and entertainment industry, probably because they lack the physical stature and attractiveness that Alphas have.  

Betas mostly follow Alphas; however, they are not as outgoing and assertive as Alphas. They also lack the confidence and aggressiveness of Alphas and Sigmas.  

They are friendly, agreeable, collaborative, hard-working, grounded, reserved, and loyal. Betas like to be approved by others and want to be liked, as they are very easy to get along with, which is why they fit into the “friendzone” category in relationships with females. Betas have a better grip over their egos and take criticism positively. 

Gamma Males 

These males are very empathetic, introspective and love adventures. Gammas are the romantic types, and they get easily obsessed over those they love, which makes them “feel” the most emotion compared to other male personalities based on their higher levels of empathy. 

Gamma males are free-spirited men that just want to live happy fulfilling life, and enjoying all life has to offer. They would rather follow their own rules than that of the social hierarchy. Therefore, Gammas make up most of your social justice warriors, as they are hyper-aware of themselves and society. 

Delta Males 

Don’t let their personality confuse you with Bate males as they have a few similarities. Delta males are seen as your regular average joe. They are neither the smartest, toughest, or most charming or attractive in the room. Almost nothing stands out in them in intelligence or physicality. 

Deltas are hard-working men regardless and are very competent at whatever they do. They get things done. You get to find successful Alphas in working relationship with Deltas to accomplish large projects. This may however make them feel resentful and resigned at times, especially when they do not get their deserved recognition. 

They find it difficult to express themselves in an open way, neither do they find it easy to trust people. It is said that a Delta could have at one stage been an Alpha that chose to let go of his Alpha mindset for a simpler way of life. 

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Sigma Males 

The lone wolf. Sigmas are identical as Alphas, but they don’t care about social status. They are just as aggressive and confident as Alphas but on a much lower level. You can call them “laid-back Alphas” perfectly okay with operating behind the scenes. 

They are capable of doing all that an Alpha male can, whereas they do not care about what people think. Hence, they create their own way forward. Sigma males treat everyone equally and hardly experience any form of jealousy. 

Sigmas are intense introverts who do not conform to societal hierarchical norms. Mysterious, quiet and calm with a high level of independence, self-belief, self-confidence, self-awareness and self-sustainability. Seen as weird in a cool way and loners with neutral moral beliefs.  

While some may confuse their thoughtful introspectiveness as shyness, Sigmas appreciate solitude and have their best moments of inspiration in isolation. They can easily be charismatic if they try, and like Alphas, they are positive with a progressive attitude towards life. 

Omega Males 

 These men are the exact opposite of Alpha males. However, they exhibit some Sigma male personality traits. Omegas do not care about what others think and are also not dominant and assertive. 

Omega males are highly honest and never deceitful even though they are socially awkward. They are very intelligent, uninterested in any form of popularity contest, and have no need for external validation to feel better, just like Sigmas. 

On a final note… 

There is nothing wrong with being any of these types of males, as they all have our roles to play in society. It does not matter which archetype of male you are, as far as you are on the journey of self-improvement. Groom yourself to your preferred personality type. Regardless of your choice, love yourself and be better for society. 

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