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8 Reasons You Should Have Salt Before Exercise to Lose Weight 

A successful and healthy weight loss journey always includes a balanced mix of exercise and a healthy diet.  

Train regularly to burn excess fat and eat foods that speed up the process – the logic is simple. What matters is also what you eat immediately before and after training; Yes, it’s true. There are some foods that help you have a good training session when consumed right beforehand.  

You may have heard how protein-rich foods, bananas, nuts, and other similar foods are beneficial when eaten before going for a run or going to the gym. But did you know that a simple food like salt could also be useful as a pre-workout food?  

Salt water

Having even a pinch of salt can add vigor to your workout. Do you not believe it? Read On 

8 Ways Salt Boosts Weight Loss Exercise 

  • Improve Hydration:

Salt helps in water retention, so you won’t be dehydrated during a strenuous training session.

  • Reduces heart rate:

Since salt is credited with improving blood flow in the body, it would really help you wade your gym session. 

  • Prevents muscle cramps:

Again, due to the improved blood flow, there will be less chance of muscle cramps and joint pain during and after workouts 

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  • Increase the Power Output:

Salt helps give you easy access to the body’s energy reserves needed during an energy-rich workout. 

  • Replaces lost Electrolytes:

The increase in water retention due to the consumption of salt helps the body to replenish lost electrolytes.

  • Decreases core Body Temperature:

It happens due to water retention in the body and improved blood flow. Maintain optimal body temperature amidst all that sweating.

  • Reduces perceived Exertion:

Salt helps reduce heart rate due to which the body exercises less and this results in better energy production during exercise. 

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  • Reduces drop in blood volume:

If the blood flow rate is high along with the resistance level, the blood volume decreases, which is an added benefit during workouts. 

Salt is one of the most common ingredients in our diet. 

Would you like to try this salt trick to enhance your workout? But always remember that excess of any food, including salt, can be harmful to health. So how much salt is too much salt? Read all about it here.  




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