African Countries Colonized By The United States


The United States had no African colonies. The closest is Liberia, which began to be colonized by freed slaves (and free blacks who usually had slave ancestors) in 1821. 

The city of Monrovia is named after the President of the United States James Monrow. Over the years, more than 10,000 Americans have emigrated to Liberia.  

They were to some extent protected by the US Navy, which had anti-slavery patrol of Africa for a few decades. Slaves from slave ships intercepted by the patrol were sometimes released to Liberia.  

The American-Liberians brought with them British, American, and Christian concepts of government. The results weren’t always particularly happy. 

Why hasn’t the United States colonized Africa like other Western powers have?  

First, the United States has never been a true “colonizer”, we have territories that have been given to war with Spain, and we have states like Hawaii that have been conquered. But these don’t really count as “colonies.” More than Yakutia and Chechnya count as a colony of Russia or how much Northern Ireland counts as a colony of the United Kingdom.  

Secondly, we were pretty much late to the party and had our own thing to deal with The Scramble for Africa it happened from 1881 to 1914 as this happened the United States annexed Hawaii and got the Philippines, Guam and Porto. Rico from Spain during the Spanish-American War period. America could have joined the race for Africa but it would only lead to more conflicts with European nations and with little value, America would have developed the same way even if it had large colonies in Africa like France, Great Brittany or Portugal.  

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When America wants to colonize Africa, it was already busy, they could have colonized Ethiopia or some small countries that had not colonized, but it didn’t make much sense to do so when all the countries in Africa with resources was already taken.

America did not colonize Africa because we did not really need it and we had our territories and our achievements that we benefited from.  


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